Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yes You

Asking me to return back after two years.
I dont know what do you see for the future.
I dont know how easy i am to you.
I dont know what exactly that you want for me.

Without a reasonable , acceptable excuse u left me.
Without a mercy u walk away.
and now,
u come back with a stupid , pfftttt reason?

To cure my heart?
Hoi, whats on earth r u saying this?
Being a perfect or a damn good stalker doesnt mean u know everything, doesnt mean u can fix everything.
Doesnt mean u can actually be the reason why, or being the light that suddenly sparkling from somewhere inside my life.
Who said i live in darkness?
Who said i live in the pathetic way?
who said i am barely able to stand without u?
and who said i am alone? who said that u can fix everything.

I always stick to this remember.
Kalau org blh buat skali, xmustahil dye akan buat lagi bukan?
so, pklah balikkan.
How could u ask me to return back as i never choose to walk away?
There's no way to return back as u were the one who chose to walk away two years ago.

I am not going to be ur old husna.
I am not going to be the same person.
I am not going to be there by ur side.

I am not going to be there, so stop searching, stop make me remember how stupid i was for falling for u, stop begging, stop calling, stop messaging, stop every and each stupid thing that u do.

Dont make me recall the old time, as the future is where i head to.

You walk away and i watch ur back

This time, u'll never able to see me even my back

Appreciate what u have, what u do have infront of you now, dont regret when she choose to walk away.
Coz when a girl fall in love, she means it with all her heart.
I couldnt be that girl. I wont be that girl.

As ur time has gone with me.
What was left behind , was the memory that we treasured together as i never know what love actually mean.

_ a very perfect stalker that would read each and single post of mine. thank you.

* but that will not make any change


Anonymous said...

amboi kuch kuch hota hai dia :D

ps doc: Live life to the fullest okay. Don't let these little things ruin you:)

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

yes my kuch kuch hota hai.
thanks IR
will do.

Anonymous said...

i will wait for you nfhk


atas ni dia ke cikk?
chill doe. single ladies hot kott >.<

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

erk. kau gila weyh. gila talak. mcm hampeh -.- geram aku!

yukk : entah. agknye kot. hottt gila lah sgt kan -.- hahaaha