Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I met my high school crush today.
n i was so stupid.
hey, why was i turned back as i saw him
i made a U-TURN ouke!
wasnt that obvious?

i finished my arabic class early. around 3.30 pm.
so, i thought about lingering around as i've class on 4.00 pm.
when i was about to leave SMAWP 2, i saw him.
we were on the opposite direction, which just a few meter then we'll act pass by each other.

but, i uncontiously, a reflex action if i could say, turning back and walk away

ho ho ho
i should admit, it was the most stupid thing i ever done.

but nevermind, UIA isnt small enough till we'll meet everyday

* sigh. i wish i could turn the time back

well, alhamdulillah.
my mum's pap smear result is negative.
well, my nanny passed away due to 'barah dalam rahim'
so, i can say that, keturunan ek?
tendency to have barah mcm tinggi.
i was so worry for this few weeks.
but, i am glad, its nothing.
i should make solat syukur kan?
to be sincere, i never do it, -.-
kejam nya aku.
so, i wish i could find way to do it,
hah. buku 'indahnya hidup bersyarat' yg abah bg, sure ade kan?
terima kasih encik kamaruddin
* anak abh yg bongsu nie, ngek skit.

btw, i have a question
how to make a relationship last forever?
or, in chemistry language,
how to make the rate of reaction to be at the highest point ALWAYS?

i am just eager to know.
well, teenagers have high curiosity.
do they?

mari cepat hantar pinangan :)

reducing the inhibitor ( jealousy ), increasing the cofactor ( understanding ) so the rate of reaction ( relationship ) will at the high rate ( forever )


eida said...

huhu, xpe, kalau ALLAH izinkan, bnde tu akan jadi kt sape2 je yang, dun worry ok

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

malu kot eida.
thanks my dear :)