Monday, December 27, 2010

Brain wash

Brain wash baby :)
assignment comp, which the due date is after this mid break
i forgot to bring text book home, so the material for those pffftttt power point using impress is zero
i have to postpone this work.
bio quiz, its on Thursday.
chemistry quiz, its on Monday.
i didnt even bring those books home.

why people tend to shoot the moon even though they know its impossible ?
well. i guess.
because even though they would mislead the moon, the tendency to shoot the star is higher right?
i guess, i am aiming the moon.
but, no offence if i just get the star.

Ustaz cakap dekat ada.
' awk xde ciri2 langsung nak jd doktor '
kat aku.
' awk lagilah xde ciri2 nak jd doktor '
ye lah, ustaz bergurau.
tp sumpah makan dalam nie.
Tunggu aaaa ustaz, siap aaaa. nnti sy da jadi dr.husna.
Sy cri ustaz.
i'll prove to u,
yeah, i might be different from those doctor-to-be
or i might say, i might be dont have the characteristics of a doctor.
but, would that make any change ?
is it a compulsory for a doctor to be NERD?
to be, so called bookworm ?
so called, face-thebook-till-you-drop ?
huh, let me change those stupid impression.

every and each person,
have their own way to achieve what they want.
no matter how i am,
i'm struggling here and there baby.
hey, xkanlah nak suruh aku bawak buku kehulur ke hilir.
weyhhh. aku budak medikk. budak medikk kan nerd. bawak buku ke hulu ke hilir.
mmg annoying gila lah kan -__-

so, here's the plan ahead.
jauh nye, xpayah ckp lagi.
permudahkanlah Ya Allah
asasi - still have one year more
degree - insyaAllah. UIA kuantan for 5 years.
yes you. InsyaAllah. after complete semua2, ade rezeki, i'm going to continue for a specialist.
cardiologist :)

Permudahkanlah segalanya Ya Allah.

never ever under estimate me.
a typical malay girl, who tend to enjoy her life to the fullest, but still, aiming the moon


Anonymous said...

thats the nfhk i used to know two years ago .

always the high spirited you .


FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

erk. ily?
apekah -.-
thanks btw.

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

ustaz memang.
makan hati kott.

we're extraordinary dokters! :)

chaiyok my miss cardiologist! :D

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

here u are
imiss you so much kot
org pergi bercuti dan melupakan sy.
InsyaAllah mrs ONG :)
extraordinary doctors :)

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

miss me??
terharu~ terharu~

baru jek pegi smlm kott.
bukannye dah bape ari x contact awk. ish3.

insyaAllah. :D

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

miss sgt sgt sgt
dah tu tiap2 hari ngan awk an
so mcm rs lain mcm
aku lesbian