Sunday, July 8, 2012

Solute n soluble

Assalamualaikum :)

Sebelum demam jom update blog.
Oleh kerana next week akan exam.
Blog akan disepikan. InsyaAllah

Okay. le' tour de library.
So, we just googled the direction to National Library from Gombak.
Thank you Yahoo Answer :D
Sampai jugak!

Lets see the photos
* i dont know whether did i study during at the library or camwhoring -_-

 by ada :)

 3 ladies :)


 see ze KLCC?

They are camwhoring --

*ops, angry bird :D

Study betul ni. Focus.
Ada kacau !!

 From Gombak, taking train to KLCC, then take B114 bus to titiwangsa, which will stop you infront of the library :)
Thats the way :)


the florist. i dont know if that someone remember this
florist :)

Okay, time to study, take care readers.

Somehow, before entering the new phase, i just wanna make my heart clear. Get rid of this guilty-ness feeling  :( Otokae?


I need solute to dissolve it in water and make it soluble.

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