Friday, July 13, 2012


I am alone right now, two of my roommates were going back home, and zuu is going to reunion with her former roommates.
Its not like she didnt invite me to hangout with them, but i currently dont have the mood to linger around.
Maybe it is due to so many assignments. With the preaching-non-muslim not yet started.
and yes, with that particular someone yang tak balik balik lagi even dah around sembilan hari.

i am worried. seriously. but, this is the fact, it is just 9 days. not even the maximum six months. if-you-know-what-i-mean.

Last night was the worst dream i ever had. give me goosebumps early in the morning. Mengucap panjang bangun pagi2. I hope it will never happened. I just need that particular someone to sooth my heart. Nauzubillah. i take that as 'mimpi mainan syaitan' . maybe i think too much before i went to bed.

So, ramadhan is few days more. InsyaAllah, ahlan wa sahlan ya ramadhan. I really wanna experience a better ramadhan this year. InsyaAllah. lets use this ramadhan to its highest profit. Do everything according to The Messenger of Allah's sunnah. You know you can try even the smallest act of Him,
- starting to open the fast with kurma
- recitation of al-quran in every times prayer.
to the maximun, qiamulail contohnya.

Ramadhan is indeed a very good month to get to close to Him, to ask forgiveness from Allah, to get pahala.InsyaAllah.

Hopefully this Ramadhan will bring us so many Hikmah, so many Hidayah, so many sense of realization. InsyaAllah :)

Okay, waiting for zuhur, eh, today is the last Friday for syaa'ban.
happy jumu'ah readers.

Through prayers, i send you my du'a. may you always in a good condition. wherever you are. InsyaAllah. Amiin
:') *sebak

one quote i got from Twitter and edited a bit.
Dont be scared if you are not famous, 
dont have thousand followers,
cause indeed, 
everyone of us, 
have the best followers, 
that will never leave our side,
the malaikah 

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