Sunday, July 8, 2012


Dieting with healthy drink :0
Assalamualaikum :)

Okay, to be truth, sore throat is really bad :( Sad.sad.sad. Cough often, and paling teruk early in the morning.Bangun subuh tu macam struggle dulu nak betulkan tekak -_- 
I just hate bena expectorant so, i refused to go to a doctor.

Tomorrow is Sunday, i really hate going out on Sunday -_- but this is the least expected when :
There will be no electric current from 8 am to 7 pm. Satu UIA Gombak!
Gonna have midterm nextweek. So, we decide to go to Perpustakaan Negara. InsyaAllah.
Marilah menelaah Islam, Knowledge and Civilization esok! InsyaAllah

Going out is really bad idea, a really bad idea, bila mana duit menunjukkan penyurutan dengan kadar terpantas tanpa mengenal erti penat lelah. Screww you money!
So, its better to go to Perpustakaan Negara than any shopping complex that can seduce me without any mercy to buy new clothes and so on -_-
A really high temptation.

i sooo gonna kill her -__-
she's annoying . haha

i just love cute stuff. Cupipi cupido please?

So, 50 days to go :)
Its amazing that time flew so fast. Subhanallah. Dulu ratus2, sekarang da puluh da.
Dulu 8 bulan lagi, sekarang you-know-how-month

Semakin banyak dugaan. Semakin hebat debaran.
Oh! mari diet.
I didnt eat at night. See, how eager i am to loose some diet :D

Okay, mari promote, Anlene Chocolate that is good for our bones is really sedap. Percayalah.
I have bought trial pack, and its awesome. Okay. Sila try !! Gonna buy for incik seafarer nnti :D

eh, its 12 am.
Good night readers.

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