Thursday, July 5, 2012

Someone better

I've been really stressed lately. Maybe because, you-know-why.
Throwing tantrum like a small kid. i am 20 even too small physically.

I see a really small thing as a REALLY big thing. So-me.
Am not yet matured, not yet grown up big enough to handle things so-not-carelessly.
and the most important thing, the element of patience is not even a bit in my inner self. What should i do?

I get angry very easily over small things. Even my parents noticed that. I really failed at controlling my own emotion.I get influenced very easily. Demanding this and that without thinking others -_-
and the worst part, i tend to regret after throwing such tantrum to particular person.

I should try to behave now, try to change myself, try to be someone better, try to be a WOMAN, not a girl anymore.
The childish part really submerged deep inside myself, till i cant tear the character apart.

I slightly doubtful to my own self, about whether i can be a good wife or not.
and slightly sad for, you-know not always understand the other-half-to-be better. 

I see this as a new challenge, to actually pour the ingredients of patience-ness in this stubborn heart of mine. A really big challenge you-know.

The preparation is  Alhamdulillah, so far so good.
My mum plays a really big role handling the ceremony, as i am stranded here, at Gombak.
How i wish i could be less-banyak-songeh, and more helpful -_-

Nothing is perfect, so why do i eager to find perfect-ness when i can create it with my own eyes.

When you see something perfect, then it will be = Hafiz

So, i started to challenge myself now, to act see everything in another point of view. a more MATURED view i guess :) InsyaAllah.

May Allah ease.

For Hawa,
Closed everything as long as you STILL can close it, dont wait until the time, where someone else closed it for you. Its our aurah :) 

InsyaAllah. Assalamualaikum

Semua lelaki kacak, tidak kacak luar, kacak dalam, tapi yang paling kacak, kacak imannya :)

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