Tuesday, December 27, 2011


my nineteen face :P

Assalam readers :)

My nineteen years that is once in a life time is only have a few days left. I extremely eager to actually climb my twenty ages. Teheeee. do you ever meet people like me who tend to love herself aging?
I bet you not!

So much thing that have been planned for next year. and InsyaAllah with Allah's will, everything will be fulfilled by me. These arent my new year resolution btw.
-My last sem as an asasian student.
-My first year as a degree student which i know most of all my friends already have that title. (Yes, am a bit jealous -_-)
-My very first time InsyaAllah, working. I need to find some money for some reason.hihi.
-Going to practice to save money, and say NO to shopping -_- (the hardest part here)
-and InsyaAllah a very big change, a very big step in my life will happen too.

The time left now will be using to prepare myself.
To actually be matured before the actual time is actually bothersome. Huuu. am afraid if i couldnt be the matured-outgoing-positive thinker one. To actually change yourself to become one aint easy but for some sort of reason, there's no other way rather than training yourself to be a matured person to face everything that is waiting for you ahead.

But i strongly believe, if fate has bring me all the way i am to here, where i am standing right now, its because Allah knows, i can change myself, because He knows that myself is ready for this. InsyaAllah.

Preparing myself for my last sem, preparing myself physically and mentally for my first year as degree student, and to become a worker :)
and the most important thing, to get myself ready for the very big change in my life. InsyaAllah.

My heart fluttering everytime i think about my next year. May everything going smooth according to what we have plan.
and i strongly believe, kalau niat kita suci kerana Allah, InsyaAllah dipermudahkan segala pintu jalan yang kita pilih.

Farah Ada, Zuhaidah, Azlia Khaleeda, Ain Amalina, Istadartiah, Adlyn Lina, InsyaAllah. 4.0 next sem, our aim for our last sem :) Together we strive for the future.

and once again readers,
Human can only plan, and Allah, who decide everything.

Ya Rabb, jika itu jalan yang terbaik. permudahkan ia bagi kami. Jika itu memelihara hati-hati kami, jadi pimpinlah kami ke jalan itu. Moga kami temui redha yang di cari. Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Mengetahui akn setiap sesuatu Ya Rabb.

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