Saturday, December 24, 2011


Assalam readers.
Its been a really long time since my last update. Can i give you one reason? Yeah! am badly busy during this so-called-holiday of mine that i can say just started. Teheeeee.
With no update for almost 12 days will give you ultimate picture how busy i am.

So, here i am, with this photos-stories update. Sorry readers if this post is just toooooo long.

So, i've been in Besut for 3days and 2nights. Spending over Ada's house was seriously giving me lots of sweet memories. With a very friendly family that Ada has, chaotic one that open their arm widely while receiving us there, really touched my heart. Thank you ummi, abah, kak farah, peq,paih, adel,auni, alya, kak ja, abg ham for the hospitality there. I just dont know how to repay this big family's kindness.

So pictures start here.
First day,

my very first picture :)
oh yeah, we departed from Dungun to Besut around 10:00 am.
we = me, yeng and incik seafarer

Second day,
This was our second day spending valuable time at Besut. We went for shopping early in the morning at Pasar Tani and then went to Jerteh to buy tickets to Melaka. After that, we spent our time camwhoring. Teheee.

we made kek batik.
incik seafarer said : macam makan biskut marie je.
fine. dop sedap -_-

credit to Ada :)

i dont know the caption ..
this somehow, look funny. why is he holding the umbrella far from me.
you should teduhkan saye la incik.

our photographer.
serious said, it was raining during that time but we still manage to capture hundreds pics.
thank you ada, yeng!

So, second day end with BBQ at night with Ada's extremely big family and we were obviously the starnger. hihi. I ate udang ketak. Something that my family didnt eat. The taste is cool, seriously. and then we were having chat with ummi till 12:30 am, but i slept early, leaving them, ada, ummi, yeng and incik seafarer at the dining hall.

Third day,
We went to KB Mall. Having some fun btw, before leaving home. Teheeee.

bestfriend for ever, InsyaAllah awak!
sayang awak sgt sgt sgt.
p/s : i do look chubby, and am really sad about that.

in the car :)

A great time with them, Ada's sibling.
Playing bowling, and my mark was the lowest, cool!

candid by Ada.
while waiting her watch.

We; incik seafarer and me bought Ada a watch.
As a symbol of gratitude, for accompanying us during this holiday.
and for being our photographer. Teheeee.

I just love my watch.
jatuh cinta pd pandangan pertama barangkali :P

i just love this picture, captured by incik seafarer :)

In front of Ada's house.
Its sad to leave this place earlier than what we've plan act.
For some reason, we need to go back to Melaka early.
Bye Besut, InsyaAllah, will come again later.

So, our holiday end here. I mean, at Besut. We took a bus at 9:30pm from Jerteh and safely arrived at 8:00am in the morning. Alhamdulillah.
The next holiday start at Melaka for them, incik seafarer and Yeng. and me, become the Tuan Rumah :P

Melaka ; Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan.

Ada got a watch, so now its Yeng's turn to buy anything that he wants. Thank you for being with us all the time Yeng. To actually carry an amanah that been given by che'nor (my mum) to take care of us, from Besut to Melaka. Hihi. Highly appreciated cousin!

So we bought that Blue adidas sneaker for him, after a serious long duration that he took to choose a pair of shoes for himself.
He finally found a suitable one, and i guess he treasured that shoes badly.

McD :)

I got my birthday present yesterday, which it made me extremely happy.
cant even be explained in word.
He gave it in front of my mum. teheeee.
saluute you lah incik seafarer.

Am having a really good time with them. Yes, memories remain for ever, InsyaAllah. I already miss Ada very much, a bestfriend, a sister of mine. Miss you la si semonyet! grrr.

and above all, i miss mamak badly.

We sent him at LCCT on Friday morning at 3:00am, to wave goodbye, i barely able to do that. but i strongly believe that, distance strengthen relationship. and on to this, a seriously long distance relationship that we have.

i just love this pic.
Currently, my S2 wallpaper, so instead of choosing iphone, i chose S2.
who knows, this phone is better for me,
Thank you incik seafarer :)
treasured this much.

So the scenario now is like this, the car is there, the traffic light is green, and no one will cross the pedestrian. and everything is depend on me.

but once again,

Human can only plan, but Allah decide.

Ya Rabb, from You i come and to You i return, show me the right path. If that is the best way for us, then make it easy for us. InsyaAllah. Amin.

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siyesly TERUJA when I read these!
the feeling just can't be described by words..
i'll owes pray for ur =D