Thursday, December 29, 2011


Assalam readers.

Sometimes i keep thinking, what bring me here(?) You know, to where i am standing, its only 8 months to go. I never imagined it could be this fast. but InsyaAllah. 8 months left, not a very long duration, yet, anything can happen. But i do believe, as long as we have faith, we believe, everything that has been planned will happen smoothly.

Yes, what ever Allah has write for us, in the Luh Mahfuzz, is the best story for us.
as He is the best creator, as He knows the best.
and again.
Yes, everything happen for a reason.

Life is just like a timeline, where, everything is connected.

Every one in your life contribute atleast 1% to where you are now.

And above all,
Allah's fate is just beautiful,
He tested you, to know whether you are a true servant or not, He tested you with this and that, and if you are sabar enough, and never give up in asking Him for best, He gives you something better. Something that is far better than what you've been imagined.

and, i lack in this,
Husnuzon , bersangka baik pada Nya.
I once in this situation,
where i blamed everyone for the pain that i felt, without realizing that actually, this is part of the test from Him, my Lord. without knowing, if i choose the right way to face the pain, it would lead me to the happiness that is beyond what i can imagine.

well said,
there's always a rainbow after the rain :)

So, whatever calamities that be fall on you, sabr , muhasabah diri, as Allah has many different ways to actually reprimand us. and the most important thing, Allah knows the best for you. InsyaAllah.

be humble, as everything that we have now is not permanent. and its just something that we borrow from the Almighty.

Parents, is a test from Allah, is a gift from Allah, and something that He lends to us for a moment.
so do our success, friends, wealth or, its just EVERYTHING.
Allah own everything. EVERYTHING.

For my story, for my another 8 months, i will not stop asking Him, to show me the right path, to lead me, to help me so i wont go astray, to ask Him to strengthen my jodoh , InsyaAllah and to make this path ease, if it is true.
and if this is a part of the test from Him, make me even stronger to face this.

During this duration, to actually build up my inner self, to be someone's .....


Pray for me, so the path that i've chose is the best way for myself, so Allah will make the path ease for us, ahead. InsyaAllah.

just, Thank you Allah. Alhamdulillah :')


vanillasnow said...

mashaAllah, a very beautiful post :)
pray for me too~

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

i don't know. maybe hormon tengah tak betul skang.

tapi bile bace this post, dengan lagu kat blog ni...

make me cry. :')

wina said...

all the best to you too husna=)
never give up!

and Happy New Year=)