Monday, November 14, 2011


Assalam and a very good evening readers.
Am seriously tired, safely arrived from langkawi at 2:00am last night.
I had a really unforgettable moment there. Alhamdulillah for the good weather there and a very good tour guide we had.

Sebelum pergi aku sempat poww abah, abang2 dan kakak.
Dan terima kasih incik seafarer kerana memberi pengganti anda :)

The pictures there. * xbyk gambar sebb xde cik ada the photographer :'(

dalam ferry :)


It took almost 45 minutes to arrive at Langkawi.
My mum was really nervous. luckily in the ferry they have television so it made my mum forgot that she was in the ferry. hihi.

paddy field.susahnye lah nak tgk scenery mcm ni kat melaka.
cantikkan? Subhanallah.

1st place : visit Nusantara Gamat factory.
kat situ wholely semua barang berasaskan gamat.

2nd place : at Makam Mahsuri. Oh! mak aku mmg tinggi -_-

meet my mum and her friends.
no matter how old you are, keep yourself feel young at heart >.<

conclusion : once you are retarded. you'll always retarded.
so dear roommates, its okay for all of our childish behavior
we r forever young, at heart!
Just be the way you are peeps.

3rd place : cable car :)

* oh! saya xnaik. gayat. i'm afraid of high place buddies.
rugi kan?

4th place : Kilim Geoforest Park boat

my soul. she's afraid of any kind of sport involving water. and whole time we was on the boat, she kept silencing. hihi. demi anak bongsu yg beriya-iya nak naik boat. mak pun sggup redah naik boat smbil pgg tepi boat kuat2. teheee.

one day, i would really love to go for sailing. adventure woh!
*seperti gambar di atas.

Idk the name of this place.
but here we enjoyed watching ikan sumpit, pari terbalik and my very first time able to be at this kind of place. terapung2 atas laut. hewhewhew.

ini ikan buntal blh berjalan -_-

Langkawi sinonim dengan helang.
So, meet eagles :)

meet this single father with three small children.
See, pengorbanan seorang bapa.
Serious respect gila dekat pakcik ni. He's divorced and the custody was given to him.
24/7 jaga anak dia.

conclusion : when we broke up, we often think that all man are irresponsible. This is so not true.
It doesnt mean when a man do that to you, the others will do the same.

There are many responsible man out there. we just didnt meet them yet :)
So, i've change my mentality.

left : bahagia naik boat -_-
right : we are at Kilim Geoforest Park. Scenery kat sana. subhanallah :)


left : i bought that beg, and fyi it is fulled with chocolates. we spent almost rm500 for chocolates.
right : jetty point * mak saya tinggi. HAHA

left : our luggage , before pergi cuma satu beg hijau tu sahaja. bila balik ...
right : These are angry birds pillows. mum bought those pillows for her grandchildren.
*cik su ade satu jugak :P

meet mr froggy and birdbird. HAHA

meet mr froggy. i bought this for incik seafarer.
hihi. kiut kan?
sila bawak setiap kali sign in.


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

aaaaa jelesnye!

yep. yep.
there's nothing wrong for being childish. :)

Herlisyatt said...

hahahah. sape suruh xnak ikt? :P