Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I slept early last night. I still feel tired for the very long journey we had from Langkawi to Melaka. It took almost 10 hours to be exact. Sitting on the bus, doing nothing. Pheww.

Something repeatedly played in my mind. and seriously i cant stop thinking bout this.

Last night i got 1 message at 5:05am. It sounds like this

Lts mke it quick.. who r u?? whr do u live? n how old r u?? u know who dis is rite?

It was an unknown number. i have no idea who he/she was, so i just replied

Who r u. and what do u want from me??

and the unknown replied

Last chnce.. answer the qstion or u'll lost something invaluable from u.

Okay.This indisputable make me scared. So i didnt reply the message. Later the unknown sent me another msg.

Alrite then. We have a deal. nice doing busnes with ya. by3

The unknown left me with a serious big question mark in my head. what did he wants from me. where did he gets my phone number and so on so far.

As far as i remember, i never give my phone number to anyone who i feel stranger. So this seriously make me feel like, i wanna make a police report. The way he blackmailed me is wayy to much. It chilled me till the bone.

Maybe some of you feel, ah, this is a small matter, but not for me. This unknown manage to make me feel scared.

Lost something invaluable?, wtfish is the unknown talking about.

Thinking about telling my mum, but well, she's clumsy, she'll not wait until anything happen, actually i'm scared to imagine what she gonna do. so better keep this by myself first. Logically thinking, nothing gonna happen isnt it?

The unknown was just trying to trick me, to get any information about myself from me by blackmailing. Didnt it like that? Damn. i wont be able to sleep tightly when i think about this.

May Allah helps me if anything happen.

Ada said, recite ayatul Kursiy, insyaAllah, nothing gonna happen.

If the unknown is a friend of mine, who is trying to make some stupid joke with me. I bet ya! i'll never be able to forgive you to make fun about this matter. Orang bodoh je boleh terima gurauan macam ni. Pakai otak sikit boleh?

Am going to sit for MUET on this coming Saturday. Listening, reading and writing. I need someone who has experienced taking this paper. Seriously.

Practicing listening by myself making me feel like i am deaf. What is he talking about. -_-
They talked so fast, i cant understand what they are talking about and i dont understand nor can track the main idea. Damn.


Aida Haslinda said...

dah try call orang tu guna no lain tak, lelaki ke perempuan? scary. moga Allah lindungi NurulFatinHusna dan keluarga..

Herlisyatt said...

heheheh. x call, x berani lah ai.

tapi Alhamdulillah. nothing happen.