Thursday, November 10, 2011


* the ladies :)

Assalamualaikum and a very cold night readers.hihi.

Yesterday i went to Seoul Garden, again -_-. My friends were eager to try the food there. I thought there's no Seoul Garden here, at Melaka, and unbelievably there's one at MP.
Pheww~ i guess Melaka is far advanced than i thought. Biyanae yah Melaka :P

We arrived there nearly 10:45 am.discussing where to go while waiting for the restaurant to officially open at 11:30. and dummm! 11:30 we already sit down on the chairs. Talking about this and that. Hot topic : marriage.
* i guess when we once reached 19, we cant run from this topic. pheww~

I ate extremely alot yesterday. I ate this and that.and it was non-stop -_-

after that we went to the cinema and watched a movie, Shark Night 3D. The story was so-so.
I regret watching it 3D. Seriously. It was least than what expected. Sedih je.

I had a really bad headache yesterday. So i went back home early. The other girls continue with their shopping time and me and amin heading back. Only the two of us. I was a bit scared, but who cares, my head was begging for a bed. I need it immediately. The head was impatiently asking me to bump it to the wall. >.<

On the way Amin had a little conversation with me before i fell asleep. *that is fatinhusna, when she has headache, the best medicine you should give is, time to sleep. an extra time to sleep*
I dont care about Amin, who was driving the car, or what actually he was doing at that time. I just closed my eyes and puffff. in the sweetest dream i ever had. HAHA.

when i woke up, i was like.
Me : Amin, kite nak g mana?
Amin : nak balik lah.
My mind was trying to remember, where were we, is Amin going to kidnap me? HAHA
and i heard Amin laughed, and said
Amin : Cik, nak ngigau pun beragaklah. takut aku!
and he continued giggled.
Me : Ohsem, dah la tido semcm, merapu bagai.

So safely arrived at home around 4:45pm, and yeah.
Continue sleeping until today's dawn. Cool isnt it? I bet you, no one could ever sleep like me.
*but i do woke up and asking my mum to massage my head. like always. hihi.
and continue sleeping :)

I supposed to buy this and that. but my head just wont cooperate. It is coordinated to sleep whenever headache come.

But seriously, i had a really great hangout with those old-schoolmates of mine.
We werent that close , but surprisingly, they are fun to be with and i can get along with their rhythm.

So, will be heading to Langkawi tomorrow's night. Byebye blog. Byebye readers.
Having a vacation with my mum. A reward for getting 4flat i guess.
So who wants chocolate? teeheeeee. Pray for the safety of my journey peeps. InsyaAllah. Amin

*this is so true

For my bestboyfriend ,

testing the webcam.hihi.
* you'll smile till ears, i bet ya!
ini macam banduan pegang kertas no.siri diorg >.<

dont teach me how to be loyal,
i dont think you know what exactly it means.
Its annoyed me.

i never hate somebody,
but trust me.ihateyou now.

you did this for me?
no. you never do anything for me,
you just destroying everything that i have.

so dont teach me something that you,yourself dont know how to do.


Benrauf said...

Have safe journey to Langkawi.

c i k r i f a h said...

njoy ur vacation n congrats fr d result-4flat tuu!
lhir 2nd oct jugak eh?
hhe.btw,anda di tag :)


istadartiah shamsudin said...

nak daim :P

YNA said...

perghhhhhhhhhhhh.. ayat makan dalam nih, hehehe

congratz dear :)

yna suggest x perlu guna word verification utk memudahkan kwn2 komen :)

btw, salam kenal ya? :)

AmalinaRazif said...

seoul garden kat melaka?? kat mane??? wah, sweetnye...btw, tu lirik lagu ape yek??

Amierah Nabillah said...

boyfriend kah? *kening2* and congrats dapat 4 flat! so bagus!! >.<

Herlisyatt said...

benrauf : thank you. alhamdulillah. i had fun and a safe journey.

is : meh le dtg umah amik coklat :P

yna : ahah. cm mn nak setting neh. salam kenal jugak :)

cik rifah : sy dah buat laa.. huu. anyway thank you tag :D

Herlisyatt said...

amalina : dekat mp tuh. dekat level bawah skali dkt blakang2 sikit
heheh. bukan lrik lagu la awak. sy punye bebeln :P

bella : ahahah. thankiuuu :)

Anonymous said...

hello! nice blog there. :) I just came across your blog because I like reading people's posts about Allah. I think you are a very devoted Muslim and you are a good example.

I wonder who that person is though in the picture? Is that your boyfriend? I hope you two are very happy and I hope you didn't steal him from anyone. Wink wink! Just kidding. :)

Live a good life, bitch.

Anonymous said...

you look like a guy.

no lie.


damn, cant stop looking at your picture.

still thinking if its "he. she. or it."

Herlisyatt said...

dear anonymus, if u have something to talk with me, dont bother your ass to use ur real name. it feels like a shit to actually hear some stupid cmnt from a coward like you. dont use anonymus.

if i am a bitch. then you r bitchier than me :)

nak nasihat org, tapi hati sendiri busuk, lain kali, bg nasihat membina sedikit ye kawan.

if you really care who's the name in that picture is, then do smthing to know about him, am sure, you r a really good stalker of mine, never know that i am that famous. HAHA.

and, whether i look like a she, he or its, i am too. ALlah's creation. thank you for insulting.

just move your ass from here.
thank you :)

and, i think, you r the one who should live your life well baby. rather than stalking my life, going down my older post, yadaaa. yadaaa.

aku kesian kat kau. serious!

NSpec said...

hey just cross the line buddy..i really think that i need a piece of you..wonder if we can meet up lil, i cannot hit a means torturing..oh well then, you better not lay any finger too miss blogger here..or i will find your chicken a** for some chicken chop.. -GheeEys