Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm okay

Assalam and a very good evening readers. *smiling :)

Now i am a social worker at my mum's school's koperasi. To be honest, to actually wake up early every weekday morning is so difficult. Hihi. my dad tends to knock the door like i am deaf n the main reason i force myself to wake up is because i cant endure the loud noise. Nak pecah pintu bilik aku wooh!

I have a very long weekdays this week. With some sort of anonymous that commented my blog with unpleasant words*n i guess i've settled this matter*, and then another anonymous saying that i look like a guy seriously make me feel terrible at first. Hihi. The anonymous tend to scroll down my older post, just to leave a cmnt there to tell me, how i look like a guy.

Thank you for each and every one of you that give me fully support in handling this matter. Zu,Ada,Raja,Jiro,Aida Haslinda,Ikha,Faiqah, Lala and you, HafizZulkhanain. Thank you.

Yeah, only uneducated person that feel unsatisfied will do that kind of thing isnt it? So, i guess, he/she is jealous for who i am.

So, my conclusion here about the anonymous, he/she might dont have anything to do rather than stalking my blog, leaving comments, and in the end getting mad to look how happy i am with my life. Hihi.

Orang yang cemburu kan hidup orang lain je sanggup go through page that person sebab nak tahu perkembangan hidup die. And in the end, muncullah rasa xpuas hati sehingga sanggup kutuk2 orang tu. Sanggup melemparkan kata2 keji. Jeles sgt le tewwww. Ngeh3.

Alhamdulillah, with this, aku bersyukur, ade jugak org sudi nak jeles dekat aku yang xberapa nak cantik ni, xberapa nak tinggi ni. Thank you anonymous. You make me feel proud to be who i am, make me feel even grateful to be what i am, you make me even appreciate myself now. Alhamdulillah. Thank you :) *rasa macam nak belanje diri sendiri makan besar*

So, overall i am happy and actually very happy to have so many people around me that is very supportive and caring. *dari dulu da sedar, tp skrg lagi sedar*

Skrg, rasa mcm nak buat nufnag pulak, yelah anonymous punye ramai kan bc blog ni, siap cmnt2 lagi, boleh buat duit. kekekekeke. *joke joke!

Readers, if you see any anonymous cmnting my blog, saying any unpleasant thing, just ignore them, but if you have some negative perspective about me just by looking to those comments, then its your right.
But, dont judge a book by its cover :)

*Aku rasa kalau aku macam lelaki, mesti agak hensem neyh!

Friends, thank you for the support,
it wont bring me down.
But actually, make me realize how precious my life is,
and InsyaAllah gonna treasure it till the end.

because i am nurulfatinhusnakamaruddin, the tougher the obstacles are, the stronger i would be. TRUSTME# :)

and sometimes, the price of happiness is just too high :3



Anonymous said...

because i am nurulfatinhusnakamaruddin, the tougher the obstacles are, the stronger i would be. TRUSTME# :)

i love this sentence. u go girl!

Aida Haslinda said...

my name is there! hihi
its true. they can't hurt you unless you let them. am glad u're okay.

Herlisyatt said...

anon : hehe. i never imagined to come out with that sentence :) hiihi thank you!

ai : thank you syg, am glad that i am this tough. HAHA.mesti la nm awak ade, awk pun part of the support gak :)

Anonymous said...

i am so glad that you have come to your senses

you are very famous, and you will be forever known as a she male. or a guy.

so i just have one massage to your guy now.

"dude. you are gay"

congratulations. cheers to you hahaha.

do buy a big meal, you will be bigger than mcdonalds.

and you are happy your friends supporting you, it is tough to have a mans face in a womans body. your friends actually look like you.

but not do diss on your friends, but i want to, i do appreciate that you are so open about being gay.

the LGBT community will make you their model.

you will be on their posters, and their massage to everyone is.

"this is how we look like."

oh if you dont know LGBT, hahaa. screw you.

so to end this blog of a blog. we are so jealous that we dont have guy faces on female bodies. congratulations. we shall drink to that. HAHA.

love, xoxo
your biggest fan.
(you still look gay)

Herlisyatt said...

eleh. jeles le tewwwwww dgn aku
xpe la cik anonymous.

mcm laki ka, pondan ka.
hangpa peduli apa.

aku bahgia. ngeh3.
hangpa jah x bahagia.
sebab tu kija hangpa nak cari gaduh je dgn kami.


sabar taw.
btw, the more you like this, the more stupid you look.

so, after this, nak cmnt pape, cmnt le, xkisah pom.
mekasih bykkan komen i.

sukeeewww sgt.

org jeles mmg perangai mcm ni.
mekasih biggest fan. chup chup sikit kt pp :*

Aida Haslinda said...

HAHAHAHAHA !!! Anonymous sakit hati.

wina said...

hey awak. just ignore the miss/mister anonymous..i've been through the same situation as you are..but most probably the different person lah..she/he kept on vibrating my comment box and post something like very-the-rude-words..

and frankly speaking, by the moment she read this kind of post, dia mmg sangat jealouskan awk..hahaa..i guess that she didn't expect how tough you would be. just be positive, move forward and just let the anonymous be the way he/she is..we have to be professional while handling with unprofessional. cheseeee=)

be strong herlisyatt.

zuhaidah said...

screw u anon. i dont see ur point for throwing all this harassment to my dearest fren.

what can i think of is, u dont really have ur own life, instead of disturbing others life.

if you think all this rubbish will give a scar on nurulfatinhusnakamaruddin. u are really wrong

u look very pitiful, my little anon. cheers.

j.i.r.o. said...

anon dah kedutt letewww!!
aiyooh i do feel very satisfied.padan muka ko anon :D

Herlisyatt said...

ai : hehehe. sakit hati sgt lah tu kot :) biar jelah dye. na happy :D sume org happy. dye je yg x.

wina : i guess so. hatred that she/he has in theirself is just too high until able to act like this. hehe. btw, terima kasih awak :D chup2 sikit!

Herlisyatt said...

zu : yes, they are wrong when they think this can bring me down, xterpalit sikit pun rasa nak jatuh. cuma rs bersyukur yg teramat :)

jiro : hahah. kedut? kekekek. sbb tu mate pun rabun antara prmpuan ngan laki pun xblh nak beza. jeles sgt le tewwwww :D HAHAHAHA.