Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking dawn

Assalam readers :)
Yesterday i watched Breaking Dawn-part 1, it was totally superb even though lack in action and more to romance. Suddenly when i saw Jacob i felt like he is more handsome than Edward Cullen. This maybe due to some external factor :P HAHA.
But, all in all, Edward Cullen is still the best and unconditionally handsome :3

So, here are the pictures.

meet farainhafife.
My bestfriend when i was at TalibKarim.
Through thick and thin together.
Thank you baby :)


it wasnt something that we can easily get over. To actually remember back those time, giving me a serious big impact. Maybe i ran away too far, without thinking that actually no matter how far i run, i'll be hunted by it, maybe till my last breathe.
but i strongly believe, people deserve second chance, to change and become someone better. Dont dwell in the past, but stand up and create your future. Give yourself a chance, to live a whole new life. At least for the people around you, that accept you the way you are.

Past, it isnt a reason for you to give up for your future, but it is the main point why you should stand up and build your own Syllabus of Life :)

I strongly believe that.


hafizzulkhanain, thankyou ;')


wina said...

yessllee...past will remain the same..cant turn, pointless nk gve sbb past kan =)

go awak. am waiting for your next post.=)
take care..

*anyway, sy btul2 ingt nama awk herlisyatt..haha..rupanya lain.. :D tke cre.

istadartiah shamsudin said...

xajak pommm tgk cter ni :P