Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anonymous melampau -_-

Assalam readers.

I just going through my older post, and i found these.
I was extremely shocked and speechless i guess.

Do you remember my older post entitled 9/11/2011

I got a really 'nice' cmmnts today on that post.
Komen yang membina.
I dont know who the hell the coward was, but, well, once a coward will always be one.

Click for enlargement.

This thing never happened ever since i have this blog.

I guess when people are jealous, they tend to do something extraordinary.

Till i dont know, the anonymous was a human or .... an animal -_-

Tapi xpelah.

cik anonymous atau abg anonymous, maaf lah kalau da menyakitkan hati awak.
Saya manusia biasa, xboleh nak puaskan hati semua orang.
Tapi kalau sy menyakitkan hati awak, jangan datang lagi kat blog sy ye.

Awak tak baca, xdtg blog saya, sikit pun xterkesan dalam hidup saya. Sy bahagia. cuma awak yg tidak.

Kalau awak sindir sy, bukan seorang Muslim yang baik, cuba la tengok diri sendiri dalam cermin.
Muslim yang baik ke awak kalau memanggil perempuan yg lain bitch?
Baik ke kalau terang2 saya perempuan tp menyamakan sy dengan lelaki bahkan haiwan.

Tanya diri sendiri. fikir sendiri.
Selamat beramal :')

updated 23/11/2011 (9:42pm) - am really happy with my life, i live my life on this world not to pleasure everyone. am a typical girl. i might hurt a person, i might do smthing that not everyone can accept, but, thats me. if you dont like me, then i wont bother doing my everything to pleased you. i just love to be all the way i am.
but dear readers, dont judge me by the way i post my every entry. i might be different.
i just love being myself, nfhk :')


j.i.r.o. said...

useless people -.-"
just ignore them.
tapi comel bebenor lah comment diorg.huhu.boleh tgk awk pye komen je :P

Anonymous said...

your banner looks like a guy.

Anonymous said...

wahai anonymous diatas?are u the same person dgn yg komen2 lain?annoying laaa...sudah2 la nk kutuk2 oi,haishhh...
xyah tgk klu skit hatiiii

Herlisyatt said...

anonymous 1 : if i look like a guy, does that bothered you that much?
hehe. dengki weyh kau ni..

Herlisyatt said...

anonymus 2. ade org back up. suka2 :D

Michelle Reyes said...

I'm sorry if you are so greatly affected by my comments.

I am the one who commented on your blogs, except for the ones that say you look like a guy. Just the sarcastic comment.

First of all, I am not even a Muslim. So clear up your facts first. You don't know me either and I know it might seem unfair because I don't know you, but I am just defending someone who is really dear to me. That person doesn't even know that I'm doing this, so don't even bother troubling the person I am protecting.

I am just really upset about what happened. You claim to be a good Muslim. You claim to the virtual world of blogspot, that you are living the good virtues of a Muslim, but what I don't understand is that, with this goody-goody two shoes outlook you put, you can still hurt someone so deeply, without mercy.

So if you think my truthful comment, is hurtful to you, what do you think about the thing that you have done? You know yourself. You know what you have done. I will not bother you from now on. You are happy and yes, I am actually also happy. We're both happy. I just really wanted you to know, the consequences of your actions.

P.S. I needed google translator to translate what you said. Meaning, I'm not Malaysian.

P.P.S. I need emphasize, I am doing this for someone who I really about, who is again, CLUELESS, about me, doing this. So if you're looking for someone to argue with after this, look for me.

Wani said...

Seriously, speechless.

awak, don't bother what he or she said about you. Because you've done nothing wrong to him or her. This is some kind of misunderstanding or the anonymous have been attacking a wrong person or she/he was just being emotional. Perhaps.

I don't have the intention to interrupt but this girl is my friend and i am pretty damn sure she is taking your comment in a positive way and not being affected at all. Thank you for not bothering her anymore. And you've done a great job stalking her all this time. i am impressed. Have a good life dear 'whoever you are'.


j.i.r.o. said...

LOL.trolling ke anon2 nih? -.-"

Herlisyatt said...

dear michelle reyes,

yes, i hv to admit that i might overreact by doing this feedback post but, like you said, you dont even know me, so y do u have to judge me like that.
protecting someone dear to u doesnt mean you have the right to call me bitch, dear michelle.
no one ever called me like that, and i guess it was too much for me.

you dont even know the true story,i might can guess who's the person that you r protecting right now. but, hearing the story from only one sided is just not enough to say this and that about me.didnt give u the right to ask me to live my life well.

no, i didnt claim to be a good muslim. what ever post here, relating to my religious, is a part of rememberance to myself, i never mentioned here, i am a good muslim,but i am trying to be one.mybe u think what i've done is to much to your dear friend, yeah, my mistake, my bad. but i dont think i live my life in this world just to pleasure everyone.

regarding to the person that you declared been hurted by me, do you know the truth story behind our particular problem?no, so, if you dont want that person to be hurted, with whatever post i posted here, so tell he/she, dont come to my blog, dont read what ever i post here.

and i know myself, i am not the one who should be blamed, *if the person that you r protecting now is the person thats in my mind* , because i know whats the situation, i know what had happnd.and my Lord, Allah knows each a everything that had hpnd.

but, i am really respect to you, for being such a protective friend dear michelle, i would be glad to have one like you, and i hope to have one.

i am not a perfect muslim, nor a good muslim, but am trying to be one, but if u r searching a good one, dont read my blog, read others that have far better knowledge bout islam than me.

thank you :)

Anonymous said...

All the eyeliner in the world wont make you anything more than a psycho stalker bitch.

husna: michelle tu psycho jee ... baik x payah layan !

xox Faiqah xox said...

ada gak org mcm ni...Sabar je la Husna dear...

Aida Haslinda said...

org tu jeles kot..mungkin sbb ad nama org yg dia syg kat blog awk.. ITU MASALAH DIA klu dia tak puas hati. alasan je kawan dia tu, nk tutup identiti. sengaja nk bg awk sakit hati mcm dia jugak..huh, jgn layan k baby.

Anonymous said...

u have such a good feedback comment above there :)

u go girl!

i agreed with aida haslinda above here, michelle reyes is just an identity that he/she used to close her/his own identity.

just continue your life happily, because i am really sure you deserve this!!!

Amierah Nabillah said...

oh my Gosh. i read this post of urs the other day. tak sangka anonymous tu pun boleh reveal herself. ni mesti dia salah faham ni. aiyoyo.

Anonymous said...

Ish,just ignore people like him. Just waste yr time. Perlu ke nak judge orang macam gitu? Haih,sabar ye awkk. ;)