Friday, October 7, 2011

Cars, green light, roommates ;')

Missing roommates very badly. woke up early* in the morning without roommates by my side.
Its kinda, weird -_-'

Last few days one of my friend told me and my roommates, she was proposed by someone.
OMG, we are only nineteen. I repeat NINETEEN.

That man to-be is NINETEEN too.
Can u imagine what will happen if they got married and yada yada.
Isnt it too early?

Yes, benda baik xperlu dilambat2kan, tapi, dalam konteks masyarakat sekarang, its kinda unacceptable.
Marriage, it isnt something that is simple, okay jumpe tok kadi and kahwin, yada yada.
No, its about having two people building up a new life in order to face the future TOGETHER.
You know what i mean.
A whole new version of life that you cant even read in a book and try to apply it in your daily life.

Its not about your own self anymore, its about others too.

-_-' emo dah*
done with this.
Fatinhusna, stop telling that you are going to marry early 23. that is so stupid.
Words is doa, over 40 times you utter it, it gonna be reality. with His permission.
You wont be able to handle that.

Copied from farahada

analogi bilik 236.
Epah ngan Ain dah dapat green light. cuma tadek kereta jek yang lalu. bukan setakat kereta, motosikal pun tadek.
tapi Husna, kereta berderet-deret, tapi lampu merah.

Okay, yang part aku sangat tipu.

You know, it will be more blessed, kalau cuma satu kereta yang lalu, dan kereta tu yang pertama dan terakhir. Dari berderet2 kereta, but you cant even find the right car -_-' duhh. kinda tiring.

Mentaliti budak UIA memang xlari dari bab kahwin.
Sampai aku terikut2. tapi ade je yang cuti ni nak kahwin.

Mungkin da sampai waktu. Selamat pengantin baru ye kawan2 ;)

I saw RSSR this morning. passing by my house riding his new motorcycle i guess.

To think it very deeply, i always remember his last msg
" you always her, but i never be 'him' "

To say i'm sorry, it wont even can wash away those pain that i caused.
and i know, am sorry will just hurting that heart even more. Today will be his last day here.
His final sem was already end, and he's going back to KL.

For a friendship that last for over five years. I really regret making him that way.

RSSR, you deserve someone better. and i always pray the best for you. InsyaAllah. Take a really good care of yourself uncle. May Allah bless, may He open your heart to forgive me, even just for once.

For you,
To be by my side it aint easy, to understand me it aint easy. Merge yourself into my world. But once i fall for you. It will always be you ;') . So make me fall for you. As easy as it could be.

My prince charming <3


alif ibnu daud said...

dah pikir kawen ke ape...??hahaha....
good job..:-))

Herlisyatt said...

xfikir lagi.

mulut gatal g sebut2.

Nini Hartini said...

Yatt, akak kawen masa umur akak 22 tahun tau. masa tu lom genap 23 lg. hehehe...

tp mmg betul. jgn ulang2 ckp xnk kawen awal..xnk kawen awal..sbb tkt time ckp tu lah Allah makbulkan. bila dah jd andartu, jgn nk salahkan Allah.

Jom, akk kempen "kawen awal lah. best tau"...


Herlisyatt said...


kalau ade calon kak.

da lame kawen awal.
eh x. InsyaAllah kahwin awal.