Saturday, October 8, 2011

Istikharah, penjawab segala persoalan

Assalam and a very good day readers.

My post tittle is kinda scary isnt it?

Basically, i'm in the middle of thinking about something until i didnt find any other better choice than this one. fatinhusna, this should be your first choice while making decision -_-'
Well, about what matter lets keep it between me and Allah the Almighty.

People always think that Solat Istikharah is basically related to jodoh. Memanglah ye, tapi InsyaAllah untuk purpose lain pun bolehhh.
So do change our mentality, Istikharah is not only for you to choose which one of those two guys is better for you.
It also for, you know, choosing your carrier for the future.
To help you in the examination. I often did this when i was in my form 5.
Mum said, so He would help me in choosing the best answer while answering A,B,C,D questions.
Alhamdulillah, even it wasnt a straight A+ but, still a straight A kan.

Solat Istikharah, is a part of Allah's way to tell you which one is better for you.
with the niyah, untuk mendapat keredhaan Allah. InsyaAllah.

Way to perform solat Istikharah :

Sengaja aku mengerjakan sembahyang istikharah dua rakaat kerana Allah Ta’ala

Rakaat pertama ;

- Al Fatihah

- Al Kafirun

Rakaat kedua ;

- Al Fatihah

- Al Ikhlas

Sebelum salam, semasa sujud, baca :

Subhanaka la i'lmalana illama a'llamtanaa innaka antal a'limul hakiim ( 40 x )

Oh Allah.
Help me and guide me.
may i see the best path for myself.


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