Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hommie for three months

Assalam and a very good day readers.

Alhamdulillah. am finally home.after about a month being caged in my precious UIA,
struggling this and that for the future, hopefully its worth it.
InsyaAllah. Amin.

Mum arrived about 3:00pm in the evening, well as she's a teacher she couldnt take me much earlier than that.
So i spent my whole morning by watching korea's variety show.
Thanks to liya for being such a good supplier ;P

My roommates, Epah and Ain heading back to their hometown a lil bit early.
a bit sad as this sem was Epah's last semester. Surely we'll miss her badly.
Sarang hae omma! manii mokoo omma.

and then we went to Sogo, mum promised to buy me a handbag for my birthday.
i was into excited with that idea. haha.
biyanae yah omma. your daughter is a bit high maintenance
aku heret jugak cik ada skali pergi sogo. Haha. thank you soul mate :P

So, this is it :

sambil mak menunggu promoter check hand bag, mak membebel2. hihi
: anak sy ni xkerja lagi, handbag nak pakai mahal2.
yada yada. bla bla.

aku : pandang mamat promoter buat muka innocent. hihi ;P

oh ini aku.
birthday girl *ops. no. its birthday woman. am getting chubbier -_-'

dress ni kena minyak. tah mana aku dudk tempat berminyak sampai bertanda.
agak mengecewakan -_-'

Some pictures on epah's farewell party.

she's in the middle.

seoul garden for second time

ada epah

when i'm too full -_-'
cannot go any further.

Epah omma, i love you. and always do.
May Allah bless our relationship. may omma always remember us. May omma always in a good health and condition. am gonna pray for omma, to meet the right man, that lead omma to the happiness here and hereafter. InsyaAllah. thank you for being such a good omma, for letting me sleep on your leg, letting me do this and that. for being my bed whenever i fall from the bed.
mani mokooo omma. chup chup dekat pipi.

Everyone have their own painful, sinful, pitiful *whatever ful* past.
but, that thing doesnt matter anymore.
*i mean, yeah abit matter, but, errr..
what take count is, how you gonna change your future,
for it to be nor in painful or sinful or pitiful state anymore.
So change, take a grip.

If its sinful, repent, be close to Him, be dear to Him,
as He is the Most Forgiving and Most Merciful.
Have faith.

*talking to my dear self too.
a remembrance so we wont go astray anymore.
InsyaAllah ;')


peep said...

ingatkan org korea xdi..kih2x..
melayu upenyer

Herlisyatt said...

hahaha. apesal korea?>

nama ek