Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy eid :)

Assalam. Hye peeps.

been while since my last update.

so here i am with raya's pictures.
Basically, my eid wasnt awesome like ada's eid.
My brothers and sister went to their mother in law's house.
So, on the first eid, my aki's house wasnt really happening. my aunt went back to her in law's house too.
Only my mum and mak long were there on the first eid -_-'

So here are some pictures.

on the way,
baru bangun tido :P

1st day eid,
souls :)
orange as their color theme

aku sokmo out of theme -_-'

2nd day eid,
my sister from pahang come all the way to tganu.
masa tu macam, baru bersinar raya gua.

3rd day eid, today
tokki , and i do look retarded -_-' hehe.
aku : aki aki, jom tangkap gambar *sambil melabuhkan punggung di sbelah aki.
aki : *muke redha . berehhh.

PMS is killing. its because it come along with bad headache.
headache just kill you slowly. pheww.
safely arrived at 4:00pm and then continue sleeping after taking some pain killer till 8:40pm.
what is bad is, i cant sleep now.
becoming a seriously cute owl tonight. -_-'

two hot topics when i was at tganu.
a doctor to be thingy. and. and and jodoh thingy.

a doctor to be thingy.
this somehow make me feel pressured.
doctor buat air, doctor basuh pinggan.
aku dalam hati, 'husnuzon ya fatin husna'
high expectation

words are doa. dont feel burden when they are praying for you. take it as a spirit that in a way helping you to be what you are now. their high expectation is because they know you can do it fatinhusna, they didnt mean to burden you, just to make you know, that they are always there, to pray the best for you. because they are your family.

jodoh thingy.
when you are almost 20, you cant run from this topic no matter how fast your speed are
i feel like an artist when being asked and i just answered
" xde calon lagi, sob3, tolong carikan lah "
* blh pengsan gua kalau diorg btl2 carikan.

patut aku bagi jawapan skema memot punya
" malas la nak pk semua2 ni, nak belajar dulu, masa depan lagi penting "
*mahu pengsan mak aku denga . teheeee :P

Final is two weeks after this holiday.
thinking about physical chemistry makes my headache comes back,
thinking about physics, makes me look my hand and thinking the right hand rule
*tangan yg sepatutnye mendapat duit raye time2 raya neh di tayang2 membayangkan RHR
so the conclusion is, stop thinking about final. or i'll be pressured .

Pray for me peeps, final.
So, lets struggle when the holiday is end. 24/7 with books, no more playing, no more texting, no more facebooking, no more blogging.

i make it final, because i cant stand it any longer.
hoping YOU'll never show up again even once.
lets end this together.

we start is few years ago together, so lets end this together too.
there's no forgiveness can be given to you.
and yeah. you lost the love i loved the most.


TehLimau said...

Amin~ doctor to be thingy :D

Herlisyatt said...

thanks adi :)

Iamnazreen said...

atin lupe satu ag perkare nk citer kot... kawan yeng nk bkenalan tuh... (tak sekufu) hahaha

Herlisyatt said...



lupe la pasall tu. ngeh3.
xmahu xmahu.
malu :P

eida sazali said...

dah gila selendang nampak!!! :P

Herlisyatt said...

weee. tulah. rsnye mmg gila dah.