Monday, August 29, 2011


Last night was overwhelmed with me, being so badly emotional.
Maybe this kind of miserable and the feeling of emptiness.
I slept at 2:40am. and woke up at 5:00am and now, it is 7:09am.
Cool isnt it?

Sometimes, someone might seems very okay, but it doesnt mean inside her, she was really okay -_-'

Sometimes, its really hard to accept, but letting go will just help.
Its better than keep waiting for someone that is isnt sure to be yours.
Waiting is painful.

You know why, because he'll love you no matter what happen.
because you dont need to make him fall for you.
he'll appreciate you the most as he loves you.
but falling in love isnt easy.
being betrayed left me the biggest impact in my life.

am scared, scared to have someone.
scared if i might be hurted again, might be betrayed again.

am seriously afraid.

and i choose to be free.
free from anyone.

dont let someone touch your heart, as they will eventually break it.
dont hold to a promise, because it is cheap.
dont trust a person, because no body can be trusted.

and in the end, i just realize that i never get started,

Only for today, i let those feeling control myself. just for today. for this very moment.

dont love a person, cause their love never last forever.
only God's love last forever and eternity.

Sometimes, when someone looks very tough outside, its doesnt mean she's tough inside too.

I'm that kind of girl who cried when i hear a sad love song. pathetic isnt it.

Dadali- disaatku mencintaimu.

am going back to terengganu , wont bring my laptop. take care peeps

Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin.

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TehLimau said...

we make mistakes....some ppl can see the beauty of a person while some ppl cant..all depends on our heart..either to accept to denied. sometimes...somewhere in the future, there will be someone. We believe in His words, so it will be, the heart that you got, created for purpose, not to be emptied, but to be filled. not with 'someone' but with 'something'. Allah will always be there for you no matter what.