Sunday, September 4, 2011


Trying to gain some height maybe :P

Two days in a row hanging out going here and there, meeting old friends was seriously tiring.
and now, i'm suffering sore throat. usually, sore throat come with their best friends, along with dizzy, cold and flu.
awesomeness there!
cool, am going back to UIA tomorrow, double cool!
then having final in two weeks more which i've prepared nothing, triple cool!

i bet you there will be thousand post after this telling you how pressure i am with chemistry and physics. -_-'
am i going to on9? maybe nope.

meeting old friends was seriously awesome. so much stories we shared together.
and biaselah perempuan,lelaki, kawan lama. topik hotttt kahwin, kahwin, kahwin!
damn, gua time tu rasa nak lari ceruk palestine, tahu la semua dah berpunya -_-'
sedihhh metaaa. abaikan -_-'

They were my friends when i was at Talib Karim, which from i was in form 1 until form 3.
See, almost 4 years didnt meet each other. firstly it was awkward, but, well we manage to overcome the 'tembok china' between us :)

rezeki masing2, hanya Allah yang tahu, dan dan dan, xsemua yang kite nak, kite boleh dapat.
We are on different field. even some mcm sama2 nak jadi doktor dulu, tp now, dapat field lain.
Azri is an engineer to be and now working with MAS, an aeroplane engineer, fasihah, that one we called masuk air will become a nurse. faten,shaz with nursing too
ayen with physiotherapy
ili with mechanical engineering, juju with civil law (maybe), some with political science.
and else, oh, i cant remember. ramai sgt.

Tak semua kite nak, kite boleh dapat. and Allah knows the best :) InsyaAllah


people do change. everyone become more matured, even, still retarded as always.
how i miss the old you guys.


how i miss the old times guys.

dan janji Allah itu pasti, setiap apa yang Dia takdirkan, terbaik untuk hambaNya.

have faith :)


dak mai said...

saya masscomm ok..hahaha

* 100 peoples like this..hahaha

Nini Hartini said...

akk raya xsempat jumpa kawan... hheehehe...

ermm, same lah. akk pun raya ngn high heels baru. hehehe..dulu zmn ank dara je pakai high heels. since kawen mmg x sentuh dah. tebiat raya leh lak pakai. hehe

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