Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 days in a row

Weekend is end. (?)
I hangout non stop two days in a row.
Menghabiskan duit, membazirkan masa. walhal peperiksaan akhir hanya tinggal dua minggu.
Sekian -_-'
Next week sila jangan keluar kemana-mana fatinhusna, duduk dalam bilik diam2 makan coklat cadbury kau beli tadi .

Pictures :)
Saturday, meeting Amirah Asmadi.
probably she's in the flight now, going to Ireland to further her studies in medicine.
someone that i knew just for a moment before she left us to make pre-medic at ACMS.
friendship, its last forever. no words can describe.

Amirah Asmadi.
a doctor to be. InsyaAllah.
thanks for the cute clip beb. seriously i do really adore it.

Us :)

Sunday, meeting Aida Haslinda for the first time after two years knowing each other :)
Someone that i knew through a person, someone that i treasure the most.
Friendship forever sayang :)

Cute legs that bring us here and there

a picture for someone :)

us :)

gelato fruity.
harga ikut gram. amat mahal. sekian -_-

presents :)

and them :)
who i love the most.

So, i have so many great people around me,
them who love me the most, them who appreciate me the way i am :)

So lets just rock our own word. as easy as that.

dan ini.
2 orang bakal doktor yang ____
sekian terima kasih.

final is in two weeks fatinhusna.
wake up and be on this real world.

no matter where you are,
success is with you,
its whether you see it or not.
whether you open your eyes to actually see it or just to ignore it.
grab it even its in the air.

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