Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surat buat bakal suami

Setelah berkali2 gua yang macho dicabar membuat post sebegini. so here i am.

Dear my future husband,

sometimes, i am like this. (oh, the left one!)

Sometimes, my words are just too harsh. ( its always -_-')
Sometimes, me myself dont understand what i want.

Sometimes, i am lacking here and there.
And to admit that i am not perfect, its true.

but, could you accept me for who i am, not who you wanna me to be?

so you would find something in me, that eventually make us to become an item.

and dear future husband,

am not going to search happiness with you just in this world, but also hereafter.
am looking for you,
who would guide me to become a better muslimah.
who would lead me to the never-ending-happiness, the jannah,
and be the imam in my every prayers.

correct me if am wrong, lead me if i didnt know.

there's always a woman behind every man success,
and i would like to be one.
to share happiness and sorrowness of your life.

to become the brightness of your life. InsyaAllah.

So, am STARTing to take care of my heart.
hopefully, you too.

may we meet under the right circumstances in the future, when we are ready to carry the responsibility. InsyaAllah.

and i trust, there will be a better love story for us , far better than what i imagined.

your future wife.

Huuuu. lama aku post benda ni.
simpan save lama2 dalam draft dari 12hb hari tu.
baca balik.
gua romantik rupanya -_-'

*maaf kawan2 post ini kerana dicabar -_-'

aku tidaklah gatal. cuma dicabar , sekian terima kasih.


Nini Hartini said...

Amin :)

InshaAllah akan dipertemukan...

Herlisyatt said...

thanks kak tini :)