Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You made my day

Alhamdulillah. two great news for today.

Which making me feel wholeheartedly in His blessing.

Do you remember my last post about how Physics didnt go very well on the examination day?

Today i got the result, at first, i was like, okay, this is the moment that i've been waiting for.
Totally redha if its not an A, seriously, it felt like, 'there's tornado in my stomach' and then madam gave me the result,
so shocked till i got speechless,
it was 72/80 which means its 90 percent.

Berkat doa mak dan abah, thank you souls, seriously, thank you.

and then, it comes to chemistry.

Madam just projected the result on the white board, as i am short sightedness, my classmates saw my mark first.
Its easy for her to remember my matric card no as my new phone number is almost the same with it.
I urge my friends to remember my phone number btw. this mean husna!
xhafal, xnak kawan! hihi.

Its 93 percent. I got 93 percent for organic chemistry.
Its organic chemistry.

There's new program here Mentor and mentee,
Been referred to all of the dean list.
Should i be a mentor or should i not? even had wroted my name in the form. nnti fikir balik.
It aint easy to be one, huge responsibility isnt it?
Physical chemistry wa tunggang terbalik lagi -.-'

Such a blessing from Him that i got

Thinking of making sujud syukur, tp tulah, am in my ladies day.
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.

Sometimes, we cant predict where fate bring us, so just dont stop make doa and have faith, that wherever fate may bring you, it is the best that been decided for you.

People change day by day, step by step, stage by stage. Sometimes, whatever painful reasons that caused yourself to be in the lowest level that you could imagine,it would be the same reason why you suddenly change to become a better person.

There's always room for improvement :)


Am going to take muet this year.
Wish me all the best peeps.


Anonymous said...



husna hebbak! :P

congratz dalin :D

Alexander Connell said...

Very awesome! CONGRATS! :D

Herlisyatt said...

dr lala.
hey thank you heart. alhamdulillah :)

i guess so. alhamdulillah. all the best for ur incoming result buddy

RaDiN said...

woa. congratulation doctor! :)