Thursday, August 4, 2011


Salam. hye peeps, am going to back to melaka tomorrow, which i'm longing to do so since last month. huuuu.
worldy heaven :)

Why is it so difficult for a man to be loyal?

Something that i've been wondering about for the past two weeks.
I have this so called friend, he is obviously in relationship with a girl, which i never met but i do know her.

This so called friendship is sometimes well, lets say, if you put yourself in my shoes,
you're definitely gonna feel that something is fishy here and there.

Like he is flirting on me. ke aku yg perasan, aku pun xtahu, but hey, a woman insting is always right :P ha ha

I just dont get the idea why men tend to be like this. You know, loyalty is definitely the characteristic that a girl looks in a boy.

Its preferable for a girl to choose a boy that is loyal than a handsome boy.

I think i should be in the 'play' too. well,
acting like i'm falling, boom boom boom, and then make he feel miserable, asking him to choose and boom boom boom, bye bye darling.

or to be seriously an evilly me,
Kantoikan mamat ni dekat awek dye, nangis2 call awek dye cakap i'm so sorry, xtahu pun dye ade awek blaaa blaaa blaaaaa. mmg gila hebat punya show lah kan. and then, bye bye you.

But am not that kind of person,

a promise has been made, to be free 2 to 3 years more.
am not going to involve in any mushy relationship anymore.

Its just,
You, i am also a girl, a girl hates to share anything. Thats the fact

Woman doesnt like to share anything.
and by this, it means,
woman doesnt like to share her beloved one.

I choose to let a person go rather than feel the pain of sharing. Its painful.

Is it so difficult to be loyal?
You just like the play isnt it? so called lelaki.

Kawan aku cakap : Lelaki nie xpernah nye nak cukup yang satu.

Too harsh, but it do make sense, isnt it? hihi.

and i choose to make this relationship clear. a friend, will always be a friend.

being single doent mean you are desperate buddy. doesnt mean kau cekup je pakwe sesape buat jadi pakwe kau. doensnt mean kau xkesah ade fair ngan pakwe org bagai. even it is just called a pakwe not a husband yet, it is just tooooo dirty to be like that.

am an educated person buddy. have my own dignity.

You just under estimate me. you just think you can get all that you want. you just feeling great of yourself. Its just so you, and so a person called a boy.


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

like the last two paragraphs. :D

yeah. that's the spirit.
we're well-educated enough.
don't simply jump on that stupid actions.

Nini Hartini said...

owhhh yatt org melaka ke???.. sama lahhhh ngn akak. melaka kt mana?