Monday, August 1, 2011

a warm Goodbye

I never imagined that goodbye could be this much painful.

However, am glad as it has come to an ultimate end.

Goodbye = end

Goodbye also means freedom.
Freedom from having any unexplainable feeling towards someone.
Or to be truth, have to create that sense of freedom. Lets work on it very hardly from now on.

Maybe, he isnt that adam that has been created for me.

Lets maintain this freedom for another years. two or three years maybe. insyaAllah.

Its second ramadhan in p.j
Its ramadhan peeps.
Sometimes memories will just keep playing in your mind until you feel fed up with it. -.-'
Missing the old times, TGB badly!

its quite sad for having pms on early ramadhan.
To be truth, am jealous with my roommates :(
Bangun sahur, tarawikh bagai. -.-' sobsobsob. wa duduk bilik tgk muvee, diorg menyembah yang Maha Esa di malam hari. i wanna do that too. Cepatlah. cepatlah habis :(

Missing hommie very badly.
Missing mummy's cook. Missing abah's recitation of breaking fast.
Missing siblings. missing babies going to back this week, cant wait. seriously.

Salam ramadhan al-mubarak kawan2.
InsyaAllah, moga ramadhan kali ni membawa sejuta kenangan indah.
Mari sama2 kejar kebaikan ramadhan.
Buka satu lembaran hidup yang baru disini. InsyaAllah.
Moga Dia permudahkan segalanya.

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Alexander Connell said...

takpe. kejap je pms tuh *bajet aku taw je*