Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hommie right now, not feeling very well.

Arrived at 8:15pm

Headache, kinda stressful.

Because of this, didnt even manage to look at my parents' face properly.
Pheww, sampai rumah, terus masuk bilik, 10:30 malam, bangun, muntah, tido balik.

1:30 am, woke up, went to dining room, and eat.
Cool, sgt lapar -.-'

When its comes to headache, i can do nothing. soooooooooo -.-'

I just keep thinking,

Why do a person easy to express their love towards a stranger rather than towards his/her own blood?

In example, its easy to say the world 'iloveyou' towards your girlfriend, boyfriend,
it's seriously difficult like a hell to say 'iloveyou' to family.

thats the fact isnt it?

The fact that me, myself should change from now on.

* btw, the last post entitled 'lelaki' am not talking bout that person peeps. friends asking me if i talked about him, its a big no. we've say goodbye to each other. so, we are on a different path now. having a different life. different future. absolutely, not related to each other anymore.
just a day, to change a person to a stranger.

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Nini Hartini said...

yatt sgt kuat. tu yg akk perasan since follow ur blog :)

rumah yatt kt mana ya? mcm dkt je ngn hostel...