Saturday, August 27, 2011


Something to ponder,

am not talking about a special one, am talking bout them,
who raise you up without complaining, without feeling tired, without knowing the means of giving up on you.

mine, its them,
who i treasured the most.
who i respect the most.
who i adore the most.
who i cant live without.

ajal maut di tangan Tuhan. Kalau nak ikutkan, bukan nya jauh lagi pun ajal tu. Bila2 masa blh terjadi.

Seeing so many wrinkles on their face make me think, would i be able to give a piece of happiness to them with my own hand?
Would i be able to be by their side through their old age, to care, to love them like they used to do to me?
Would i be able to make them feel proud to have me as their daughter?
would i?

Just a moment, look their face without blinking your eyes. just for a moment. just a moment.

i am just scared of loosing them.


i just wish, i would able to be by their side, to make them happy, to make them feel proud of me, to make them realize, they are doing a really good job in raising me up.

and Allah says,

parents, children, property, there are all what I lend to you, and in the end, surely I'll took them back.

appreciate while you still have.

berbakti selagi ada masa, sayangi selagi mampu, ada disisi selagi wujud di dunia.

*emo metaaaa raining.

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ish daughter ! said...

ramai yang bila kita sentuh pasal appreciate, mereka akan refer pada kekasih and etc. kan?
hmm..insyaALLAH semoga ibu ayah awak panjang umur,dan sihat hendaknye ,amin :)