Monday, August 15, 2011


To be truth, my level of egoism is beyond the limit.
Which i know, this is so not good, this is badly bad.

What i can say here is, i am a typical human being who cant bear to see her ego being hurted.

When you are egoist, this may lead to several negative attitudes.

This is so me -_-'

Sometimes, i cant tolerate when it comes to something up to my ego.

But, my mum always says,

" Egoism is part of satan behavior, where they refuse to prostrate to Adam when Allah asked them to do so "

Mum knows how high my level of egoism was. as i never told her that i cant do this or i cant do that.

She knows that sometimes i would keep everything by myself because of my ego.

sometimes to have this such level of ego is truly and so not good.
When you put high expectation on yourself that you can do things alone, it will eventually in the end hurt yourself. Sometimes, you just need to rely on someone rather than being independent.

Being an egoist will ruin you.
people around you will run from you.
and what you love will eventually become far apart from you.


and in the end the period of running away comes to its ultimate end.

am not ready yet, but i guess, this is the sign from Him telling me, stop running away, face it, bear it, endure it, solve it.

As a cliche, as a matter fact, He will never test you with the test that you cant bear.

and i guess, He knows, its the time for me to face what i've been running away from and to stop being coward.

Its the time fatinhusna, whether you truly let it go, its in your hand.

an advice from a friend,

When you love someone husna, let them know, because it will be too precious to have your feeling all by yourself.
and when you love someone, trust them as trustworthiness is the root for happiness.
and when you love someone, never asked them to change because of you, as its not love, its compromise.
and when you love someone husna, accept them, their social life, atleast when you dont like what they are doing, merge into it, and try to understand them better.

and i keep asking myself, do i look like someone who's literally in love? -_-'
kenapa bagi aku nasihat panjang2 ni, tp aku siap save lagi :)
terima kasih kawan.

for you, i might have millionth or thousand boy-friends, but in the end, the owner of my heart is you. never change. irreplaceable.
but you never trust me, because you lack of what we called the root of relationship in me and because of that you left me without trying to understand me better.
without trying to merge yourself in my life, without trying to know the boy-friends of mine.

and maybe, this is the time for me to let you go forever, rather than running away as i scared to accept the truth.


Anonymous said...

Its a waste to just let it go. For me it is worth it to spare your true love. And keep praying to Allah, insyaAllah :)

Herlisyatt said...

actually, i didnt understand the message that u'r trying to convey to me.
shoudl i let it go or not?

worth it to spare your true love?

intan.liana said...
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