Thursday, August 18, 2011


I was quite busy last two days.

With two lab reports, with physics quiz which was today morning.

On wednesday i was supposed to have a holiday, but i've chemistry replacement class at 7:30am in the morning.
It was for two hours, then continued with my mentor mentees programme for three hours.

I talked and explained to them about atomic structure for almost one hour and half. can u imagine?
we are fasting here and i talked non stop.
serious time tuh starve for air.

I went back to my room at 12:45pm and slept until 4:00pm. This is what we call, 'qadha tidur'

Some pictures :)

after chemistry's class. 9:30am

picture by farah syuhada.
paparazi was peeping when i was teaching :)

Today. i'm hommie!
atlast after having class till 4:30pm

we slept till terhantuk kot -_-'
cool kan?

accompanying mummy to buy stuff for making kuih raya :)

am hommie right now. with my roommates, ada and ain.

we are going to meet lala tomorrow.

Btw, i have a serious big problem.
Lately, i cant wake up early. This is a big problem to me.
DUA kali bangun 15 minit sebelum kelas -_-'
Speechless aku jadi anak dara cam giniiii.

My alarm clock was like nothing to me, whether it ringing or not, i really didnt realize it.
Its like, you are immune to the songs of your alarm clock.
Mula2 lagu 21 guns, still xbangun, tuka super massive black hole pun xbangun jugak.
Sekarang tuka aura korea pulakkk.

Dulu aku senang sangat nak bangun, tolong kejut orang bangun bagai.
Tak tahu neuron mana dah berputar paksi sampai jadi macam ni.
-_-' okay, aku sedih sebab perangai cam gini. tak boleh nak bangun awal :(

Ability to wake up early , one of my 'specialty' been reduced.

*kecewa dengan diri sendiri.

It feel slight pressure when i was so busy, but atleast, its better isnt it.
Hopefully, i wont turn back. Hopefully, this heart of mine will accept and let go.
am tired, too tired, when fatinhusna is tired, she would give up in everything.
and this is the time to give up on that only one person.

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