Sunday, August 14, 2011

Messed up

Sometimes, patience is truly needed in one self.

I guess i am lacking of this.

I never imagined this could happen so fast, things that i've been worked out over two months is destroyed just by that. in a blink of the eyes.


its me the reason why.

two months were just not enough to wash away everything. were not enough to forget.

just not enough to change a heart.

I guess i made mistake, running away wont solve anything, its just help you to run from the problem that you didnt want to face, problem that you know you wont able to solve.

When the time comes, where you must face it back, you'll be suffocated, and feel like you fall from the sky and for the time being, there's no end for that sky. its better to crush on the ground, obviously.

and am not ready yet for this moment.

This isnt easy. seriously isnt easy.
To hear that person saying by himself that he wont contact me again, its hard to accept.
To acknowledge that person know where am i, but he wont looking for me is painful.

When i'm running away, its okay for everything, as you didnt know where i am, where to find me, but it is not okay now.

cumanya aku takut tertunggu2 seperti dulu.

This is just so soon.
didnt manage to fix my own heart.

Where am not ready yet, seriously, am not ready yet.

Trustworthiness is like a paper, once been crumpled, it will never come back to its original state.