Thursday, July 28, 2011

She's my girl, and he's my boy.

She's my girl and he's my boy.

The girl, i used to know her from someone, even actually its bit complicated at first, but then we became a best friend. She's that type of girl, who would always be by her friends' side when they are in blue or undergo a serious heavy rain.

The boy, he is my best friend since i was primary school. To grow up together till now, to have a very close relationship, to be there by each others' side through thick and thin, that is us.

They fall in love, if we could call that 'love' , its behind me. but i dont really care, but already smell something fishy is going on between both of them. its their privacy, so i never ask, and never say anything.

But in the end, that boy told me, it was all of sudden,
' aku dah clash dgn ** , dye immature... yada yada '

I was, okay, its beyond what i imagined. never knew they've that kind of relationship.
It was a month relationship.

and i can imagine, how sad that girl is, to act infront of me as everything is okay might be painful for her. well, for sure dye susah nak cakap ape2, sebab i'm in the middle of both of them. and she never told me bout their special relationship.

tapi serious, xpernah pula aku jadi orang tengah mengenen-ngenenkan dua makhluk Allah ni.

and last night i asked her, well, i wanna be by her side, even asking can make her cry.

to be more precise, the reason why they clash, that girl obviously know.
because he is bored with her, because he thinks that she's immature.

its too harsh isnt it? that boy obviously, telling her each and every reason why he asked to end that relationship. maybe its because they never met, and only starting to know each other in internet. kan?

aku yang denga pun rasa nak marah. melampau. you are the one who asked to be her special one, and you too, are the one who asked to end this? and you said you're regretting it?
aku perempuan jugak kot. -.-' kalau aku kat tempat dye for sure tsunami katrina dtg!

but, i never say anything. trying my best to hear to be an ear, for both side, for the two of them, who i love the most.


cuma sebulan? kenapa manusia mampu berubah hati?

atau kerana itu namanya lelaki?

Dont play with a heart, which already give you a special place in it. It aint easy to actually, provide you that special place in a heart. tahu!

Pengajaran demi pengajaran. cerita demi cerita.
huh! fobia.

its better this way. to be alone. enjoy your life as much as you can. be friends with thousands or millions friends.

rather than, suffering by yourself, because of someone who dont even know how to appreciate yourself the way you are. kan kan kan kan.

you lost the love i love the most :)

To her, be tough. iloveyou. i do.
To him, hopefully you'll meet her. you re always my bestfriend, but it doesnt mean i would say yes to everything that is wrong.

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