Friday, June 10, 2011

Yes, i'm givin up.

How mean you are, only Allah knows.
How hurted i am, only Allah knows.

I'm running away.
So far away.
So go.
Be with her.
I'm letting you go.

Go with all your sweet promises.
Go with all the hopes that you gave.

I'll never be able to forgive you.
you'll never know how much it hurt till it makes me runaway.
from you.

you. yourself. ask me to never give up on you.
but the way you are, its wayy too much.
the lies that been revealed, its just more than enough for me to stay.

to acknowledge your sudden change of attitude, its painful.
to be behind your shadow, its tiring.
to hold onto fake promises, its heart breaking.

its just so cool.
the way you are.

come and go whenever you like.

its seriously, badly, worstly painful.

awak hebat.
sampai saya lari jauh jauh
sampai saya tinggalkan semua
sebab teramat sakit

semua sebab awak.

.terima kasih awak.
untuk dua tahun yang sangat hebat
cuma dua tahun saya mampu bertahan.

hey, dont say iloveyou easily. cause u'll never know how meaningful it is to someone.
dont give hopes when you dont know if you'll able to make it come true.
dont promise when you know you wont able to keep it.

for this fifth time.

thank you.

bloggers , am not going to post any post for quite a long time.
will be back soon.
InsyaAllah :)