Monday, June 13, 2011

Okay :)

See, how okay i am.
so dont worry peeps!

Hye peeps.

I'm seriously okay . for the time being :)

Life has been quite busy lately.
with tutorials, incoming lab preparation, with beautiful organic chemistry, with unendurable,unspeakable awesome physics.

i just finish study O.C . seriously, its difficult.

naming the carbon compound, the reactions, the isomers, the f(x)nal group, the this and that.

but chemistry is cool, physics is awesome, i started to love physics more than chemistry.
shouldnt be bias i guess. eheh.

memberi kasih sayang sama rata kepada cik chemist and cik physics.

Guys, i am okay. alhamdulillah. So far so good.

Still breathing, still fighting, gaining strength day by day, still enjoying my daily teenagers life, still struggling to achieve this and that to become a doctor. teheee~

I guess sometimes running away shows that you are a coward but, running away too, means you have a gut to move on and have a happy life instead of staying and been hurted again and again.

Haha. tiba tiba.

this post is dedicated to those who worry bout me,
biyane chingu yah :)

but seriously am okay. fighting! InsyaAllah. amin.

Okay. time to sleep. Goodnight peeps.


Anonymous said...

i believe in u..

i believe in ur spirit..

husna yg tabah!



Nini Hartini said...

biyane is sorry eh? setau akak sorry -mianhe/mianhae. heee jd cikgu korea lak. kehkeh