Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Buat awak yang saya sayangi,

Its enough here, by this time. Lets give up. Lets put a big full-stop.

Chance by chance been given, but its still all lie. What you get is another promises. another fake hope. another pain.

Dont wait anymore awak. Learn to walk away. Learn to forgive and forget.

Let him go, he will never see you, never appreciate you the way you deserve. Will never be serious with you. Its all just a sweet talk awak.Sweet talk that will make you fall even deeper.

Dont let your feeling deceived you. Learn to love yourself. Its enough right now awak, for this two years, chasing for someone that will just hurt you even more.

When she comes back, everything changed dramatically. He lied about who she is. Isnt it? So, what else did you wait awak? He lied about everything awak. Semua.

See, its all a lie. He said he loves you, but actually he didnt. He said he wont hurt you again. but he did. He said he wont neglect you. but he did. Just let him go awak.

and you know the truth finally. a lie just to make you wait, to make you fall even deeper. you know it. so. go. dont wait anymore. dont wait.

you've fight for two years. but you get nothing in return. so run. run awak. run. dont stay anymore. or it will just hurt you even more by all the truth.

run awak. disappear. let him go.
be tough awak.

open your eyes for another person. you get enough here awak.

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