Sunday, June 5, 2011


Salam. Hye peeps. Today i went shopping at midvalley :)
Buying some of my roomates' stuff.
Tiga bulan xjejak kaki ke midvalley, to be honest, i miss midvalley -_-'
after all, this is the first time after the long holiday, we the roomate of 236 hanging out together.
Last sem in level 8th, and now in level 2.and you know, the wireless is awesome *even i didnt register for the wireless yet.

So, here are some pictures that i would like to share .

Guess i'm looking at whom?

me and ain.
saye sepet :)

epah ada

kenyang :)

see, its cupipi.
i was holding RM109 teddy bear.
it's expensive isnt it?

buying stationaries
we even sit on the floor.

. carefour .

ada bought a lot of thing.
seriously, her stuff was up till RM100++
hebak dop hebak?

troli kami yang agak penuh.
abaikan segala barang sekalian.

hommie :)
no, hostieee -_-'
* homesick!

ada wrapped up my study table. see, how kawaiii is it.

I had fun today. seriously. thankyou dear roommates.

InsyaAllah, our class will be started tomorrow. First class is on 11am.
* but UIA is unpredictable, i have a strong feeling there will be no class tomorrow!

This is the time to be serious fatinhusna.
Pray for me peeps. InsyaAllah.

p/s : roommates are watching running man.

Oh ye,
gua awek paling macho dekat UIA. * suara-kasar-persis-lelaki -_-'
I have a really bad sore throat kawan-kawan.
I cant even talk properly :(

yet so far now.
no more. no more. no more.
because talk is cheap isnt it?


Syahida _Masri said...

salam , hyeee uia juga kah ??

same goes to me ! salam kenal , btw course apa dan bilik mana ??

Herlisyatt said...

eheh. ha'ah uia jugak.

salam kenal juga.
medik, insyaAllah. bilik 236!