Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Satu empat tiga


Today is the first day i have class. Here are some pictures.

Its roommates, and in the same time classmates :)

Zuu sayang :)

Istadartiah, classmate 2 tahun di TGB, and now, classmate again.
Iloveyou sayang :)

Geng duduk belakang. geng gosip. geng bakal doktor yg gege.


I'm going to take organic chemistry ( chemistry 2 ) and physics 2 this sem. and in addition, BTQ.
Today's class were chemistry and phy.

In my class, there are 30 students, 22 girls and 8 boys. Cool. this is the first time to have such many boys in my class, as before there were only 3 boys. everyone is taking foundation in medicine. pestime satu kelas sama course! Its quite nerve breaking.

Oghe hebak-hebak blako. kecut perut ambe -_-'
Goose bump pun boleyhh. eheh.

Surely the competition is tough this time, my group is like the chaotic one, but seriously, most of them are like-bookworm-type. Duduk depan. sampai kelas awal. tepati masa. muka baik2. and prepare awal awal before belajar and lecturer masuk. dan! alim alim. phewww~ h.e.b.a.t.

and me, i'm that type of person who will never prepare first. and not yet that alim. See, betapa bagai langit dan buminya kami.

but everything happen for a reason. to be in such class will let me know, which level i am in this uni. how clever everybody else than me. what should i do for myself to become better isnt it?

Look at the bright side, InsyaAllah, i trust that i'm going to have fun in this class. together we strive for infinite excellent. InsyaAllah

Time to be so serious.
If you dont have the spirit . close your eyes, think about both of them. the one who carried you in her womb, 9 months, and the one who raise you up until this big. for this nine teen years, what have you give to them in return? for this whole life, did they ever ask you to pay them in cash? they dont. the only main thing in their deepest heart, is to see you become a successful person.

* wiping tears.

Love and sacrifice yourself for them, who loves you, more than you know.

aku suka ini terfaktab

Two years been wasted for only one person.
again and again. but its all a lie again.

Open your eyes, and use your mind for once.


marzita amin said...

goodluck sem baru awak :)

Raji and Yeen said...

woahhh kau TGB eh?
dekat jer ngn skolah ak dlu