Thursday, June 16, 2011

organic chemistry , webcam

Lets do twitter guys. i've deleted fb, so now, let twittring guys :P

Organic chemistry has been really difficult. Seriously. My lecturer is like expecting that we know everything. Seriously, i never feel this way, but i feel lost in O.C.
She jumps in everything.
For the very first time i think i cant carry this subject ~.~

Lab is superbly makin me confuse. Reactions of hydrocarbon, alcohols and phenols.
I just finish study O.C just now. dan masyaAllah, baru je draftkan lab report pun rasa tepu semacam :(

Oh Allah, please make this easy for me.

Chemistry, please be damn easy baby. seriously, give your cooperation with me baby.


How matured we are, only Allah knows.

ini teddy bear ada.
am not that childish :)
seriously, i love roommates :)

study partners, sleep partners, eat partners, movie partners,
imam and makmum in congregational prayers :)

Doing the right things starting from knowing the right things.

means, when you know the right thing, the truth, the fact, surely it'll lead you to make a really wise decision which in line going to be a right things to do. InsyaAllah.

Peeps, dont easily trust people, maybe when you think you've really know a person, you make a conclusion that you really understand them and they can be trusted

Sometimes duration of knowing someone, doesnt estimate the truth about the person. Their true personality.

For me, the longer you know a person, the more you cant understand them, the more they run from what you expect. The more you cant trust a person. from my experienced, from what i know.

Knowing someone for a very long period, doesnt guarantee you that they can be trusted.

In fact, when you are too kind, too easy to trust a person, sometimes in return, they could deceive you. see, how mean world sometimes to you.

So, dont be too good to a person, and dont be too bad.
Knowing who they are, understanding how they are, then you should know how to treat them.

Never let them deceive you.

Appreciate your heart, your mind and your soul. Dont easily trust a person.

Humans are unpredictable, humans heart are not permanent.

in fact, nothing permanent in this world except Allah the All Mighty.

Thats all for today i guess. 0:56 am.


Rooftopers said...

ade angry bird!!! hehehehe.. anyway good luck wit organic chem.. huhu

Nini Hartini said...

delete fb? wae?? (kenapa)... ermm jgn nnt delete blog pulak tau..

~ yg penting jgn mengharapkan yg terbaik dr seseorang tu sbb setiap manusia ada kelemahannya. semakin kita mengenali dia, kita akn nmpk kelemahan mereka. dan kita kenalah terima mereka seadanya selagi mereka tidak membawa impak negatif buat kita.