Saturday, June 18, 2011

Memory digital mall. crush.

Today i went to digital mall. accompanied roommate to buy a new hp as her hp was like dah-ready-nak-kena-anta-hospital. eheh. the screen was blank. u cant see anything. u can receive message or a call, but you wont able to know who is the sender or the caller. see how pathetic it is.
biyanae yahh ain.

i went there with high school crush. digital mall is located near uia, but seriously, even almost two years i am here, at first, i dont know where exactly this mall is.
so i asked his help, as he knows where the mall is.

we went there at 2:15pm, after he performed jumaat prayer, we waited for a taxi infront jaya one. luckily we got a taxi, the fee was only RM1:00 after been minus with the service, see, how near it is with uia.

he is so kind, a mannerable boy. while we were walking towards the mall, there was a blind man there, he helped him. my roommate and i were like, ah~ kawaiii. speechless. see, how gentleman he is. and obviously, its come from his heart. didnt put an act pom!

after buying roommate hp, we went to mcd nearby as i didnt take my lunch yet. we offered him to buy a mcvalue lunch for him but he refused. aaa. malu kot. seriously, i thought it as a treat for him who willing to help us lah kan. org berbudi kita berbahasa. so in the end we just bought him a large milo. he wanted a coca cola but i said, xbaik utk kesihatan, so he changed to milo.
pheeew~ cair der!

n then we went to the third level and eat. he sat infront of me. we were having conversation. about this and that. luckily roommates was able to suit herself with him. having chat with him so we wont feel awkward.

near 4pm. we decided to head back to uia.he picked the taxi and safely arrived at 3:50 pm.he just eager to pay the taxi fee. gosh~ nasiblah cik rumet cepat hulur duit. alhamdulillah. after saying thank you. he took a bus to somewhere kot. nak balik rumah.

my roommate said he is handsome and smart. yes he is :) hihihi.

for me, knowing him even closer was like a dream.
sitting infront of him is like having a fairytale. haha.

he is nice, kind-hearted, a manner boy, low profile, someone who would use his own effort to gain money, didnt shy to tell you the truth about himself, well i mean, telling you that he's willing to learn from you about something that he didnt know, smart and yadaa yadaaa.

he's having a futsal match tonight at 1 am. he is so crazy with futsal. dari ms kat maktab kot. eheh.

but, back to reality, hati manusia hanya Allah yang tahu.

how like angel someone it is, we never know their true self. i mean the truth behind the personality that they show to us.
we have to be careful or else, will always be that easy person to be deceived.

thank you , friend , for today.

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