Monday, June 20, 2011


a short and quick entry before going to class.

darling. i love you and i miss you.
thank you for always be there for me. always bear with me.
thank you.

iloveyou more than words can say.

wait for me, so i'm the one who going to be your guardian soon.

just wait. i love you so very badly.

i'm growing up so tough and strong because of you.

darling, i'm proud to be your daughter. yes i do.

happy father's day encik kamaruddin .
my hero, my world, my other half.

its 10 am.
class is on 11 am.
i'm not going to on9 every day.
a promise had been made.

i'm seriously okay.
the memories starting to varnish slowly.
Thank you Allah :)