Thursday, June 23, 2011


Life has been seriously busy lately. with tremendous work.
but i've been really okay.


Running away is so far being the best decision i've ever made :)

Mid sem will be on July.
We are now busy with assignments and reports.
I'm still working on organic chemistry. alhamdulillah.
So far o.c been really nice towards us.
Minda sedar perlu mengawal minda bawah sedar :)
* i learn this from previous motivational talk!

Something that i learn in my 'runaway project'

Whenever you cant see any place to go, go towards HIM, InsyaAllah. it is the safest place

I've grown too strong i guess.
Running away gives me peace of mind.
Making myself busy with work is seriously great. Until i forget everything.
I dont even let myself to think about anything else, except works and study.

Have to admit, this time, i cry less.
Not even one day. I guess keeping your feeling deep in your heart is better than letting it out.
This time, its better than those previous time. eheh.

Thank you Allah. for making this easy for me.

I've started to look beyond what i can see, even imagine deeper than what i should.
Understanding better than what teenagers during my age supposed to understand.

My roommates and i talked about soul mate often.
and i found that, yeah, its true, something that i should able to accept long time ago been avoided by myself. but i'm glad, that i've start to accept it in the very best way i can.
Thank you roommates.

and yes, if during the two years, i cant even give a glance at another boys but now i can. seriously. those two years, i only saw him. datang la mamat hensem mana pun aku pandang dye jugak, xnampak yang lain dah. love is blind. hihi. cliche!
*statement ape ni -.-'

But this doesnt mean i'm going to be with someone. Just i'm seriously glad that i've back to normal.

Officially, i'm back to normal kawan-kawan! >.<

Thank you Allah. seriously, thank you Allah.

sudah melepasi waktu sukar. ngeh.

Love yourself first before you love anyone else, appreciate yourself before you appreciate somebody else.


Nini Hartini said...

Alhamdulillah... syukur. Moga yatt terus tabah :)

percayalah, semua ini akn lebih mematangkan yatt.. jadikan pengajaran.

eida sazali said...

alhamdulillah... best kottt!!! as in, dapat melupakan tu best... dapat mengusha orang tu aku nak buang dari diri aku jaoh2. huhu

*jom tengok post terbaru saya! :D