Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 am, 2 years.

Its 2 am . i am not sleeping yet.

waiting for this website to .. entah. to boleh digunakan -.-'

Demi abah tercinta :')

* tapi masalahnya dari td problem loading page. mahu x sakit hati bang!


Happy two-years-of-knowing-each-others.

Two years. two years.

Its two years.
Seriously, its two years.

Laughing, smiling, crying, talking, arguing, fighting.
So much memories.

Struggling in studies together.
From SPM , until now, in the university.
For one ambition , being a doctor.
What ever it is, its always been our priority.

and i never say this, but you are a part of my spirit.

We share most of the stories together. be by each others' side when in need.
You know everything without me saying it.
My actions, my silence, my lie.
You will always know when i'm lying.
That is so you.

Only you and i know.
the childish side of us, the matured side of us.
and the unpredictable side of us.

Sometimes so close, sometimes so far.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for such memorable moment.

I still cant believe, i am standing here, looking back to the past that we left.
Through so many comas in this knowing-each-other path.

but for the future, i always know,
Its beyond our control to predict it.

Now we know each other so close, maybe later, we act like strangers, so far again.
See, how funny life sometimes would be.

but i would like to treasure the time we are together. .now.

can i stay by your side for my whole life?

*Sorry for spilling this out here peeps.
I wont be able to say this to that y.o.u. It needs tremendous of spirit.
Sometimes, its shameful to actually do this.
I always act macho, cool in front of this y.o.u.
this soft soft side of me would be laughable to this y.o.u.

That y.o.u will not read this :')

Good night peeps
2:50 am


M Fizan said...

wowww..congrats..dh 2years?? smoga bhagia slamanya..sme 19 jun nie 2 years jgk..huhu..x brani nk ckp kt dia..kne tlis mcm awk nie lar..hehe


waahhh semogaaa ape yg diharap kan dapat :)