Friday, June 3, 2011

Pahang. Terengganu. Boyfie

Hye bloggers :)

Its been a really long time since my last update * 2 hari jah padahal -.-'
I sent my cuzzy dkt UMP, when me and my mum about to enter the uni. main entrance, it was wrote there ' Hanya Pendaftaran Pelajar baru sahaja DIBENARKAN MASUK '
Cuak do'oh la demo~~
Me and my mum were like, what are we going to do, then the guard there just looking at me,

Guard : oh, siswi, sila masuk cik. paparkan ni*pointing at yellow printed paper dekat dashboard, baru dibenarkan masuk kawasan asrama.
Me : *speechless ( senyum paling ikhlas )

See, i'm entering uni.malaysia pahang.

This is my cuzzy.
She is wayy taller than me -_-'
but i am wayy cuter than she is!

and after arrived at tganu.
we went to the beach.

after 10 minutes, it was raining heavily.
seriously, because of that i got fever and cold.
a bad fever and cold.

Everyone keep asking me about 'pakwe' ,
" Atin ade pakwe dop? "
" Oh, doktor, cari pakwe doktor le ni "
I guess 19 is the age where everybody should have someone special. -_-'

This is the typical 'topic' if i went back to terengganu. No body would miss to ask those questions.

and skema jawapan ,
" oh, xdop heh. buat mende pakwe2 ni, tggu korang carikkan lah "

But, they wouldnt trust me. seriously. i could use, WILL NEVER trust me.

Oh, i guess somewhere around my forehead, its written there

" i have a boyfie baby, so dont disturb me "

Do i have one?

Oh dear Allah, i hope i'll get the answers for each and
every questions that lingering on my mind
Do help me to make a really wise decision

1 comment:

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

like. seriously.
mmg any girl yg dh smpai 19, kompem ade soklan tu.
and kite same. kalo ckp tadek.
seme buat muke tak caye.

duhh. tak tipu pom. betul lah kan tadek pakwe. dorang saje buat macam kite lg sedih jek tadek pakwe.

HAHAHA! statement mende tuh.
being single is better.
only nikah can approve having pakwe.

get well soon dear.
stop thinking bout 'that' thing.

insyaAllah. ade jodoh ade lah nanti.
bukan masenye skang.