Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Oh ye, aku busy -.-'

Tomorrow i am going to uni.malaysia pahang to send my cuzzy. and next destination to terengganu. as mum is on her holiday and abah is at pahang. escorting his students for international softball game.

There are a lot of things to do. I didnt even get all the baju kurung in the beg yet. Oh. we might spend until friday there, in tganu. I will not bring my lappy.

Saturday, i'm going back to uia. see. i didnt even pack my stuff yet!

I hate last minute work. i hate last minute decision.

and i hate if i left something important. huuu.

check list is all over the place. i cant even walk in my own room.

xkan nak tunjuk gambar. nnti xde org nak kat aku -.-'

and i didnt even finish marking my mum's paper pulak. she brings it home yesterday -.-'
and i have to enter my dad's students' mark online. itu pun website tu stuck. xblh bukak.

ok dah. penat mengadu. sambung kemas barang -.-'

obviously. this is just a part of my work. banyak lagi sebenarnya.


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Nini Hartini said...

sabarsabar. hehe...jgn tunjuk pic bilik. tempat tu privacy kita. hehe..

bestnya tlg key-in data. kerja akk b4 kawen dulu mcm tu gak. best best.