Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today i went to cemetery. Its been years i didnt go there. Okay. now i miss him alot. I wish you are here. Hearing me, saying 'no' to everything that i do wrong. Telling me what to do. or even finding a right guy for me, i know you'll do that. I know you always try to protect me when you were still alive. Thats why no one dare to become close with me -_-' . Everybody told me that
' kau gila nak rapat dengan adik emmet? ' and thats you, my brother.

I just miss you alot brother.alot.

Betullah kata orang, kematian itu sentiasa dekat. Its just we didnt aware how near it is to us. We just so eager to keep chasing the world isnt it?

Al An’aam:
002. Dialah Yang menciptakan kamu dari tanah, sesudah itu ditentukannya ajal (kematianmu), dan ada lagi suatu ajal yang ditentukan (untuk berbangkit) yang ada pada sisi-Nya (yang Dia sendirilah mengetahuinya), kemudian kamu masih ragu-ragu (tentang berbangkit itu).

Being in kampung, i realize so many thing. Its been years that i never think or remember even a moment about her, nenek comot. She was the one who took care of me when i was five. She died 6 years ago.and it been years i didnt even keep in touch with my cousin too. she is same age with me.

Seriously, i hate to think that i was eager to chase after this and that until i forget some people that i used to be with, that i used to grow up with. People that always be the backbone of what i am now.
I hate to realize how selfish i am right now.

Dont be like me, no matter how high your education are, how famous you will be someday. never ever forget the base that you come from. Because without them, who are you, you wont be this high.

Jangan jadi seperti kacang lupakan kulit.

Where you come from. who always be beside you. who always pray for you. Thats the key of who are you now. Tak payah nak rasa hebat sangatlah -_-'

I should go to kampung often after this.


For her,
yeah, sometimes, you feel that you are really okay.
Somehow, until a point, when you really look back into your heart.
Then you realize, eventhough its been so many years. Your heart still belong to that person.
Its always isnt it?
Its okay for not being okay for a moment.
Its okay to be like this for a moment.
But gather back your strength, i would like to see the strong you.
Like you always do.

Its okay to give a glance, but, keep moving, and turn your head to the front back.
Dont wait up until all the memories destroy the wall of strength that you've built.

Sometimes we might feel lonely. as if we are alone eventhough we are in crowded place.
Sometimes its feel really bad to see everyone happy with someone.
But, have faith. faith that
He creates everything in this world in pair.
You are better than me in islamic perspective of life, you know and you always do.
So dont let this ruin everything that you have.

Being single doesnt mean no one likes you, its just a matter of time for you to actually meet someone that been fated to be with you.
Someone that well, that gonna accept all your flaws.
Someone that gonna see how precious you are, how special you are, how different you are.
Someone that will actually feel proud to have you as his.
Have faith.

Run from that person's shadow.
Be on your own.
Cause he just never see you in the best way he should.
* talking to myself too. duhh!


zuhaidah said...

seriously tears falling down my cheeks when im reading this entry,
yeah sometimes i look strong but i really dont, my heart is really fragile, easily broke
it has been more than one year since he leaving me, yet i dont really forget him though, how stupid i am,
yeah, there is a saying 'it only takes a second to fall in love, but i takes a whole life to forget' and i admit it so much
so im praying to HIM, so there will be someone, to love me wholeheartedly, so i can rid the past
and lets pray together, that will find the one, that can guide us to the right path, and can love us forever. and a lotsa thankss for this entry, and i know that im not alone
i have u as my precious friend, and ada too
and i looking foward for next sem, so i can occupy myself with other things, than thinking about this

-i think i can write an entry with this comment. ngeh3 :D

Herlisyatt said...

you are seriously better than this sayang. that what friend should be. be there when needed. Its okay, just cry when you feel to do so. cry. just cry. it doesnt mean that you are weak. its just kinda way to let out your feeling. lets have faith. He knows this is the best for us. He let us met the wrong person. for us to learn to have faith. to hang to Him. to believe in His qada n qadar. for us to realize. He is there.
okay. have faith.
looking forward for next sem too sayang.
InsyaAllah. belajar sama2, berjaya sama2. handle everything sama2. :)

i'm here, ada too.
you are not alone.

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

seriously. i cried too.
*tapi kena cover ar. kat ofis kak wani neh~ aiyooo*

somehow, i feel like this entry mcm kena kat diri sendiri gak. yeah. keep denying, but actually that's how i feel. duhhhh~

zu, husna.
let's keep each others' back.

Ja said...

nak like , tapi deactive FB . be strong girl ( :

Allah always be with those who has patience

Herlisyatt said...

ada : xmo cry cry lah :P

Ja : thanks dear :)