Monday, May 16, 2011


Its 16th of May peeps.
This means, its teacher's day.
The day where we actually appreciate our teachers for everything that they have done for us.
For every single knowledge that they had give us from we are small until this big.
*even though i am not that big.

Seriously, who are we without our teachers.

Here i would like to thank to
all the teachers that had teach me
- Tadika Kg.Pegoh.
- Tadika Kemas
- SMK Dato' Haji Talib Karim

See, if we think or reflashed back , seriously, then we'll see how big, how mean it was everything that teacher had done for us.

Teringat pulak kes cik Husna si pengawas serupa pengganas melanggar peraturan. Cikgu jugak yg tolong back-upkan. Pengetua jugak yg tolong swallow semua benda. -.-'
Duhh, the naive + naughty me, its unstoppable until now.

This is one of my teacher when i was in TGB, see, he still remember me.
* I guess it because i always be the noisy girl in the class + the one who never-say-yes-when-i-disagree-no-matter-what-happen.

Semoga Allah merahmati semua cikgu yang telah berjasa.

Terima kasih kerana telah mengajar, memberi nasihat, memukul, mengejar, mereport dekat parents, membacking, mendoakan saya.
* serious cikgu BM bc rs nak lempang bahasa tungang terbalik.

Maaf sebab selalu tido dalam kelas , selalu nakal2 , selalu buat ikut suka , selalu buat muka , selalu buat masalah , selalu xdengar cakap , selalu malas2 buat homework , selalu budget dengar elok2 padahal otak melayang , selalu langgar peraturan .

and before i'm forgot.
Encik Kamaruddin dan Puan Nor Hasimah.
Have i ever tell both of you that you are the best teacher ever? Nope.
but yes you are, deep inside my heart, you are the best teachers ever.
Thank you for everything, swallowing every pain that i give you.
Accepting neither poison or honey that i give.

Thank you for doing your very best to grow me up this *big -.-'
Thank you for the best DNA in both of you that make me this wayy cute.
Thank you for the blood that flow in me from both of you.

and wait, wait until i show you and i bring you the best in me.

From deepest in my heart. thank you.

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