Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Him :)

Tadi bc terfaktab. It was about crush. eheh. its undeniable. sometimes, it better to keep your feeling towards someone as a secret. rather than telling them.

I have one. eheh. nama pun crush kan. dah berapa tahun dah. act, benda coincidence je semua2 nie. 4 years have past. I still remember, the first time we talked together 4 years ago.

High school :

During that time, i was coming from toilet , my class was on the 2nd floor. and his class was like kat sana. i dont know how to describe it as TGB's building was scattered. * obviously, not the same building with me.

( This happened just after i went out from toilet
Him : Selalu pergi toilet ek?
Me : eheh. yelah kot. nama ape? * xtahu knp aku tnye nama dye.memalukan!
Him : H*****
Me : *senyum jah n blah.
* i was quite shy, yelah baru masuk MRSM kan! budget cool , ayu sedikit boleh?

Time past by. and it was on form 5 kot. Friend asking me if i like someone. n then i was like ** (his nickname) *act time tu serious main2. damn! menyesal. sebb sejak tu mcm mmg dah crush aa mamat ni. classmate pun suka mengusik! -.-'

It just, when i saw him, surely i'll get excited. Ahh. him him him!! aww~~ menawan* i gave him this name so when i talked about him with friends, no body will understand what i was talking about.
Everytime during his lab class, i would pandang through tingkap, waiting that he will actually pass by my class.
When dekat DS i'll look for him. We just skali tu je bertegur sapa dekat TGB, selebihnya hnya pndngn mata *bunyi mcm gatal je aku
Classmates selalu lah, kalau ** lalu. Husna~~ kecik~~ kecik~~ i was like. ah. damn malu GILA!
It was when hari raya, people sibuk nak tgkp gambar, n then, ** jd the photographer for my class, n diorg sj bg mamat tu hold my camera!
Serious sepanjang tangkap gambar mcm, nak senyum semua aku rs mcm panas je!

I remember, dulu ms akhir TGB, there was a boy. asking for couple, surely i said no. and then dye mengamuk ngamuk. mesti pasal ** kan. dari dulu ** . why you never look at me? i was like. oh man! bukan ** okay. it was that person!


I dont know that he went to UIA too. that boy yg asking for couple yg cakap. i dont know. sebab. i dont have his number. i just have his FB, tu pun. there's once dye tegur. thanking me approving his request. eheh. else just bday wish jah.

Second time we talked
It was masa project BI, kena buat survey.

I didnt realize it was him. then suddenly my friends approached him, gave him the form and asking me to give the pen. when i turned, i was like. OMG! ** ok speechless. he was. hye! i was. hey. smbil tgn lambai2. i cant remember our conversation only what his friend told made me like. malu! kawan dye kt, 'eh, comellah awek ni' i was like eheh. senyum2.

and then dekat UIA after that, we didnt meet often. just coincidence. Well, like usual, hanya membalas pandangan mata.

But. whats weird here. i'll go insane when i meet him. i always make a u-turn so i wont pass by him. When he was like, there he is, i will like pandang tempat lain. see, i'm the one who merepek bagai action!

Obviously, this is not love. * i can live without him -___-' I am just shy towards him. I dont know how he looks at me. Pk aku mmg minat kat dye ke. no. its not that. I dont have any feeling towards him. Its just a c.r.u.sh. It was just like that.

I think, maybe that what crush means.

For me, soulmate is someone you cant imagine your future without him or her.
* and i dont know if i have meet my soulmate or not , but

crush is someone that you just adore him or her at heart, but you dont have the desire to make them to be yours.


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

i know who is him ! :D


Herlisyatt said...


for sure la awak tahu

awk saksi tempat kejadian yg paling utama :P

zuhaidah said...

yeahhh, i like the very last sentence ;p

Herlisyatt said...

eheh. suka jugk :P

HARYANI said...

haha i pernah rasa camtu. malu sgt kan haha (:

Nini Hartini said...

itu namanya cinta monyet. hehe... klu dah kawen nnt baru akan betul2 tau perasaan "mcm manakalau hidup kita tanpa dia..ahhh x sanggup"...huhu

Herlisyatt said...

haryani : eheh. tahu xpe. pdhal. xdelah rs ape pun kat mamat uh. sbb gosip je -__-'

kak tini : eheh, mmg semua org menjadi monyet ye zamn skolah dulu. eheh. huwaaa. best x perasaan tuh? :P

eida sazali said...

sape weh? sape... hehe

quote yg last tu: i have none of those. haha. xleh blah en..

Herlisyatt said...

sape? eheh.

yeay/ eida xtahu :P baru cool/ hahhaha