Monday, May 23, 2011

Cuma dua minggu

Salam. Hye peeps. Two weeks left before entering UIA for new semester. Which is semester three for me as student of International Islamic University Malaysia, foundation for medicine.
* asal macam -_-' je. HAHA. lame. aku tahu.

Three months to be exact, staying at home, ouh. ouh. tidak productive langsung ye rakan2.
Cuma yang productive hanyalah lemak semata2 sehingga dipanggil gemok. Jadi, misi possible akan datang di UIA adalah membakar lemak.
* siap deal dgn roomate bawak badminton , tali skipping bagai. eheh.

But the truth is, surely most of the free time i'm gonna be on the bed. That is so me! I can get mad if i dont get enough sleep.

* merapu. back to the serious me.

Two weeks left. Two weeks before i leave everything behind. Two weeks before everything come to an end. Just another two weeks.

Strategies have been made. I'm gonna give my all for this last two weeks.

The last two weeks, to fight.

Oh Allah, makes this easy for me. Fate surely has fares me better.

next sem schedule's

* i have only one class on Wednesday and no class on Friday. This is wayy cool!

For everything that happen, there's must be reason behind it.

Friends, for everything that you wish to be yours, do fight for it until the end, where you, yourself know, there's no way it can be yours. Then stop fighting.

I hope that will be the best thing i could ever do for you. y.o.u


~hAKim ZaiLAn~ said...

saya pon tgh sem 3 ni..huhu

Herlisyatt said...

eheh. sy bakal. bakal :P