Thursday, May 26, 2011

Its annoying

I accompany my mum to tampin shopping centre to buy some groceries as yesterday was the pay day. Biasalah beli barang2 dapur, we usually go to Tampin shopping centre, as there the groceries are much cheaper.

" utk apa bayar lebih demi satu barang yang sama " -.-' itu kata2 emak.

What happened just now pissed me off! We had to enter the s.m (super market) twice. First to buy groceries, second to buy mum's air kotak.

There were budak tolong hantar barang. First when we went out, they were making fun at me. Singing, si baju hijau ... * i was wearing baju hijau. and then wahai cik adik bertudung krim. * and i was wearing tudung krim. but for sure i just ignore them. mum was like, 'budak2 lelaki nie...'

Second times we enter the supermarket. Mum forgot to take the trolley so she asked me to take it. and the trolley was there. the place where all the stupid boys were waiting for customers. I went there. and suddenly one of them, like playing with me, xnak bg amik trolley. i was. OMG! baby la mamat nie. and i accidentally ter-hold one of them punya hands. i was. oh sheet! he was " eh dik, ape pegang2 ni, batal air smbhyang sy! " i didnt even give a look. luckily there was an uncle helping me, he gave me trolley.

You know. that boy saje move his hand here and there so i will terpegang. mahu x ppfffffffttt nye aku td!

When mummy was done paying, she asked me to wait there, so she can get the car to the infront of the s.m. and yes, there was the place where mamat2 stupid tu waiting. i was like. sheet man! mummy went to the parking lot, leaving me behind!

Uncle = U . Me = M . Boy = B

B : Umur berapa ni wak? awak bagi la sy satu air kotak nie, hauslah.
M : ...
U : Dik umur berapa ? Kerja ke? belajar?
M : 19. belajar je pakcik
B : awak, jangan sombong sgt, sy nak kenal je. Sama lah umur kita 19 wak.
His friends were there. laughing, ' weyh, jgn kacau anak dara orang lah '
U : ade pakwe dah ke?
M : ade dah.
B : alamak, dah ade pakwe laa. melepas.
U : Duduk mn pakwe?
M : erm. erm.erm. selangor.
B : alamak. xpe, bukan da kawen pun.

There was my junior there, saying
" Eh, jgn kacau akak tu la. budak pandai kat skolah tu. Garang gila ms jadi pengawas. Bakal doktor tu "

M : ..... * ape kena mengena dgn bakal doktor?
B : Oh, bakal doktor.

and then he stand beside me, i mean where there was my trolley between us. trying to start some stupid conversation with me. i was like, tenggelam dalam ke-speechless-an.muka heartless-tak-ingat-dunia. I didnt even give him a look.

Mummy came, he helped to move air kotak from the trolley to inside my car. after finished, i said ' terima kasih ' i heard his friends laughing at him and saying
" aku dah cakap perempuan tu susah nak tackle "

Uffft~ dear boys,
i dont know what do you think when acting like that. maybe its so cool infront of your friends but, in the eyes of a girl, it is so annoying. seriously, like you dont have any pride. I dont say that i am so pretty and i didnt look at you because you are just a budak tolong angkat barang. but the way you are, if you do that to me, i cant even imagine to how many thousand of girl you ever do that.

its just. dont act like that boys. its really ............ * what is the suitable word?

kurang ajar, or like a boy without a pride. i dont know.
but i am really sure, most of the girls will think this like the way i do.

what happened today makes me scared to walk alone. seriously.

girls, do take care of yourself out there.
oh. here the time we can bohong sunat. i dont know where on earth is me, having a pakwe and come from selangor -_-' * aku anggap ini cara nak menyelamatkan diri.


Anonymous said...

Aah betol. Mmg annoying. kdg tu nak jugak tau nme pe an bg je nme tipu
Ayu la, Izah la -.-
hik3 tipu sunat kan awk ;)

mmg xde pride dorg ni. tipikal.

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

mmg annoying gile.

dat's absolutely not going into husband-to-be list.

Herlisyatt said...

raja : tahu xpe. damn gila. rs nak sekeh sepak je mamat tuh.
nm sy semalam nina. eheh.

Herlisyatt said...

ada : seriously. kalo diorg ade adik prmpuan. ade mmt mcm tu ngurt. diorg nak bg ke? duhh.

will never be in the list.
cube macho skit kalo nak usha pom!

eida sazali said...

xpayah layan je mamat2 cmtuh. haha.

Herlisyatt said...

xde keje nak layan nye yang.

eheh :)